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I Ching

Divination: The Chinese Coin Oracle
I-Ging | Foto: (c) Dan - stock.adobe.com

I Ching

Divination: The Chinese Coin Oracle
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Most people are familiar with the I Ching as an ancient Chinese shorthand or coin oracle. But it is much more than that and has deep levels of meaning. It is one of the oldest and most important wisdom books in China and is considered one of the oldest pieces of writing in the world.  read more

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The origin of the"Book of Changes" can be traced back to the first Chinese emperor Fu Hi, who lived around 3,000 BC. He studied the dualistic principle and the laws of the universe and developed a system of lines, the eight trigrams, which symbolised the laws of nature.  read more

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The 64 hexagrams of the I Ching are said to have been developed by Duke Wen around 1,200 BC, who was intensively involved with the trigrams of Fu His.  read more

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Here you will find instructions for this ancient Chinese coin oracle. First, you need three equal coins (for example, three times 1 cent). You can also use classic Chinese coins, and all three coins are tossed together a total of six times.  read more

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I Ching

Divination: The Chinese Coin Oracle


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