Neptune - 2020

All astrology aspects and constellations of Neptune in 2020

All astrology aspects and constellations of Neptune in 2020. When do the zodiac signs change? Which aspects and constellations are there?

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Neptune - 2020

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Date Aspects
7/01/2020 Sun ⚹ Neptune
9/01/2020 Mercury ⚹ Neptune
28/01/2020 Venus Conjunction Neptune
28/01/2020 Mars Square Neptune
20/02/2020 Jupiter ⚹ Neptune
9/03/2020 Sun Conjunction Neptune
14/03/2020 Mars ⚹ Neptune
23/03/2020 Venus ⚹ Neptune
4/04/2020 Mercury Conjunction Neptune
4/05/2020 Venus Square Neptune
7/05/2020 Mercury ⚹ Neptune
11/05/2020 Sun ⚹ Neptune
21/05/2020 Venus Square Neptune
23/05/2020 Mercury Square Neptune
11/06/2020 Sun Square Neptune
14/06/2020 Mars Conjunction Neptune
23/06/2020 Neptune → retrograde
13/07/2020 Sun Trine Neptune
28/07/2020 Venus Square Neptune
29/07/2020 Jupiter ⚹ Neptune
31/07/2020 Mercury Trine Neptune
28/08/2020 Venus Trine Neptune
31/08/2020 Mercury Opposition Neptune
12/09/2020 Sun Opposition Neptune
12/10/2020 Jupiter ⚹ Neptune
19/10/2020 Venus Opposition Neptune
10/11/2020 Sun Trine Neptune
24/11/2020 Mercury Trine Neptune
29/11/2020 Neptune → direct motion
6/12/2020 Venus Trine Neptune
10/12/2020 Sun Square Neptune
14/12/2020 Mercury Square Neptune
30/12/2020 Venus Square Neptune


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