Monthly Horoscope Aries March 2019 | photo: (c) drubig-photo -

Monthly Horoscope Aries March 2019

What are the stars for the Aries in March 2019 in love, work, and health?
Monthly Horoscope Aries March 2019 | photo: (c) drubig-photo -

Monthly Horoscope Aries March 2019

What are the stars for the Aries in March 2019 in love, work, and health? Scroll down

Monthly Horoscope Aries March 2019

Venus loves spring children

For Aries harmonious days are announced. The sun in the Pisces sign the Aries tackle new things and change things positively.

For vitality and well-being

The sun stays in the neighboring Pisces until March 20th, which is why this semisextile, which is now being formed, requires personal initiative if one wants to achieve optimal results. Besides, that's always the time to ask yourself if changes in life are essential, and if that's the case, then you should also take the necessary steps. In the course of 20th March,  the sun goes into Aries' sign, and with that spring begins, and astrologically even the new year, since Aries is the first of the 12 signs in the star circle. Aries is now celebrating the birthday, which we congratulate. Why you should spoil the birthday children with many gifts, can be read at the Aquarius of February 2019.

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It is also always advisable to make a fresh start at the time of his birthday, as the vital powers of the sun are now very high, which is why you can probably count on a satisfactory conclusion. However, you have to weight the initiative.

The energy planet Mars is in the neighboring Taurus until the end of the month, and with this semisextile formed his forces are more likely to flow in a moderate dose. So by the way, you should also consider whether you are right at the moment, to put your energies into the projects you are currently involved in, or whether it would be better to tackle new ones. 

Jupiter, the planet of luck is active until 2nd December 2019 with a very beneficial trigon on Aries, which is why there will always be great opportunities to change his life positively. This is a time when you feel comfortable, but you will often not want to be active, even though you have a lot of energy available. However, what one can count on is to reap the fruits of earlier efforts now, of course, if there are past benefits. We will see.

Saturn, unfortunately, constructs the entire year into a Square, and that means that you have to reckon always with delays and obstructions. However, since you certainly now know, this means once more you don't have to give up, because a goal will then be achieved in this way.

Profession, money, and communication:

Mercury spends the whole month in Pisces, which is why in itself with no disturbances in communication, professional and payment would be expected; The catch, however, lies in the retrograde nature of Mercury, which begins on March 5th and will last until March 28th. If Mercury is declining, the communication becomes unclear. Hints are misunderstood, letters are written in a hurry, and the content may not be accurately expressed, plans go awry, and so on. However, the knowledge of regression helps in principle to avoid some of these complications. When concluding contracts, special care is required.


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Love, happy moments and art:

Venus stays in Aquarius for most of the month, a pleasant sextile, and this is why love, friendships, marriage, art, and all that is good and beautiful, will increasingly appear. Harmonious days are announced. You are attracted to loved ones, you are sympathetic, have tact, avoid disputes and always have opportunities to meet new people.

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