Monthly horoscope July | Photo: Vera Lair /

The best astrological dates in July

Monthly Horoscope July 2020
Monthly horoscope July | Photo: Vera Lair /

The best astrological dates in July

Monthly Horoscope July 2020

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Leo July

07/23 - 08/23

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The best astrological dates in July

We have put together the best days of the coming month for you and all of us that should go very satisfactorily, from the stars' point of view. The days with tense constellations do not appear here; they will be discussed in the individual daily horoscopes anyway. Here we only indulge in optimism, which is usually quite respectable. We are giving a short monthly overview of the best days; these beautiful transits are also discussed in more detail in the Daily Horoscope.

If one of these days with favorable constellations did not go well for you, then your Horoscope may have had a more definite say - but of course, this will happen again and again.

Wednesday, July 1st:

July 1st is an extraordinary day with numerous favorable constellations! Sun, Mercury, Uranus, Moon, Neptune, Jupiter, and Pluto are all involved in the event in a supportive way. The reason why the areas of communication, ego-consciousness, sudden positive changes, inspirations, the joy of life, and assertiveness are under excellent stars. Whoever takes the initiative today will be rewarded. But also, those who do nothing at all will receive one or the other joyful experience.

Monday, July 6th:

Today, the monthly lucky constellation with Moon and Jupiter's conjunction already takes place between 0:12, and 2:12 am. So, it is advisable to make arrangements the day before. Gambling luck can arrive, but the specific conditions in your Horoscope must be right. All other areas are addressed as well since Jupiter generally provides for “expansion.” And if you focus – or meditate - on what you would like to see come true, then the probability that your wishes will come real increases incredibly.

Friday, July 10th:

Besides, today Jupiter is again in positive connection with the Moon, in action for a short time, namely, from 04:46 to 06:46 pm, so many things can succeed if we can keep our focus. Small experiences of happiness are possible again. Still, today, the Sun and the Moon, as well as Venus and Pluto, are in action for us, so that we can be satisfied with the day.

Sunday, July 12th:

The Sun and Neptune are now connected in a favorable trine, so we can now hope for spiritual and intuitive inspirations. Artistically gifted people should use this support today and tomorrow. Mercury is giving up its regression - which is also pleasing – and the communication problems will now mostly be over again.

Tuesday, July 14th:

The Sun and Jupiter provide feelings of happiness today but beware not to exaggerate, so that rash actions are not taken from this delight. It is also pleasing that Mercury is again becoming direct today. That means that normal conditions in the field of communication can now be expected.

Friday, July 17th:

The Moon and Venus are in a flirtatious mood today so that we may be affected by them. But we are involved with everything beautiful and enthusiastic and therefore very keen on art experiences.

Wednesday, July 22nd:

The Sun moves to Leo today, so all Leo-born children now celebrate their birthdays. Warm congratulations to them all!  Now the long-expected Midsummer period begins, we want to enjoy the sun, the sea, and balmy nights! Let's hope that our wishes will come true as well. Venus and the Moon are available again today with their excellent qualities, which we will feel about love. Mercury and Uranus will bring about positive changes.

Thursday, July 23rd:

Today, Mercury and Uranus are still active and bring about positive changes, but we are also called upon to accept the positive tendencies and become engaged. The Moon is also involved today and will emotionally support us in this.

Friday, July 24th:

Today the Moon supports us in connection with three planets in the areas of fantasy and inspiration, law, official matters, and the assertion of our interests. From 1 pm to 3 pm, it is also possible to experience happiness, since the happiness Fairy knows what she is doing.

Saturday, July 25th:

In the morning, the Sun and the Moon indicate a good understanding of the opposite sex so that you can expect harmonious and happy experiences. The Moon in Libra also strongly supports these tendencies. For many of us, this day will, therefore, bring beautiful experiences.

Tuesday, July 28th:

Today the Moon enters into positive connections with Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto. We will receive strong support in the areas of profession and general understanding, law, and superiors, ideas, and intuitions, as well as the assertion of our interests. Those who consciously work towards this will achieve even more.

Wednesday, July 29th:

The Moon moves to Sagittarius today, this day indicates precise action on our part, and Saturn gives us the stamina to do so. In the evening, the Sun and the Moon ensure that we are in good harmony with the world, and we will benefit in our family circle or even at work.

Monthly horoscope for the 12 zodiac signs

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Relaxation is an important factor for your health – so make sure that you are getting enough of it. As a first step schedule your day in a sensible way, so that you can meet all your obligations without getting stressed out. 

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Photo: ©

Thanks to Jupiter's harmonious constellation with your sun you are more tolerant than usual. You're even able to start easy conversations with slightly weird people whom you usually avoid. 

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Photo: ©

You are not able to shrug off the vague feeling that someone wants to aggravate you. People are teasing you a little every now and then and that can get on your nerves. 

	| Photo: © Koska
Photo: © Koska

In the coming weeks expect no serious problems. However, you should pay some attention to your choice of words. 

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Photo: ©

Do only a little sport. Even if you think you're capable of more, be cautious and pay attention to each and every warning signal from your body. 

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Photo: ©

Even if the people you meet don't share your ideas and lifestyle you approach them with a lot of tolerance, which makes you a pleasant person to be with. You literally seem to absorb other people's negative emotions. 

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Photo: ©

In the coming weeks you will probably go through an emotional roller coaster ride. Melancholy thoughts alternate repeatedly with euphoric moments. 

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Photo: ©

You feel more and more calm. You exude a lot of confidence and integrity and this makes you a contact person for people in your environment that are in need of help and advice. 

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Photo: ©

You are teeming with power and energy – a good chance to test yourself with sporting challenges. Above all endurance sports and a workout should be at the top of the list. 

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Photo: ©

You will achieve what you intended to at work. Even if you had some difficulties before you will get the upper hand now. 

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Photo: ©

Jupiter and the sun bestow you with a great inner peace and sovereignty that has effects on your actions as well. You realize that you have enough time to tackle the most urgent problems. 

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Photo: ©

You are well-positioned at work. You are on good terms with your bosses and are able to showcase yourself and your excellent achievements. 

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