Daily horoscope - 19th February 2019

Today is full moon in Virgo. The Sun has changed into Pisces. A very energetic day!

Video: Super Full Moon in February


Daily aspects

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Sun → Pisces

12:03 pm

All info about zodiac sign Pisces

Moon Trine Jupiter | Photo: © Daniel J. - Fotolia.com

Moon (Leo) Trine Jupiter (Sagittarius)

1:05 pm

It represents a beneficial constellation. It is a fine constellation for social and material success. It is shown a positive attitude towards life and you may enjoy popularity. Generous structures are getting realized. The artistic side reflects optimism and attraction.

Mercury (Pisces) Conjunction Neptune (Pisces)

7:30 pm

Mysterious ways: You could build castles in the sky and fancy.

Birthday on February 19th 2019:

André Breton (*1896-1966), Nicolaus Copernicus (1473-1543), Beth Ditto (*1981), Seal, musician (*1963), Helen Fielding (*1958), Andrew, Duke of York (*1960), Siri Hustvedt (*1955)