Mars in Aries | Photo: Felix Hug /

Mars in Aries - Those zodiac signs benefit the most

Mars is now in Aries until January 6
Mars in Aries | Photo: Felix Hug /

Mars in Aries - Those zodiac signs benefit the most

Mars is now in Aries until January 6

Mars in Aries - Those zodiac signs benefit the most

On June 28th 2020, Mars left the sign of Pisces and moved to Aries, and it will remain there for a very long time until January 6th, 2021, because of the retrograde trend that will last from September 9th, 9th to November, 13th.

Mars is the planet of will, energy, and enforcement. And in the sign of Aries, it has a particularly strong effect since it is its home. Typical Aries-born people stand out because of their free energy, which drives them almost always. And some of them, who have not yet sufficiently learned to show consideration for others, stand out even more than the average Aries with their vehement assertiveness and iron will. Their behavior is often seen as ruthlessness, and, as I said, this is the case with some. But on the other hand, this fact also clearly shows us how robust Mars can be. 

As soon as we exceed a certain level, blessings become a curse, which is the case with everything. However, when used in the right dosage, this Mars power will make many things happen. And as always, there Zodiac signs benefit significantly from it, those that benefit less, and again a third group that should be careful not to exaggerate. Overdoing could lead to quarrels, sports injuries and the like, and susceptibility to illness. 

Mars in Aries | Photo: Hugh Sitton /

Aries can rejoice. Until the beginning of January 2020, they will receive an extra portion of energy from Mars.

The profiteers

Aries, of course, Sagittarius and Leo, as well as Aquarius and Gemini, now benefit most from Mars energy. A great deal of strength, courage, and determination is now at their disposal, the reason why an above-average amount of work can be done during this period. Nevertheless, they too should take breaks and rest, because too much is unhealthy.

Largely neutral conditions

The next group of Zodiac signs is neutral, mainly during this period. Those who want to achieve more than usual will have to take the initiative themselves since only the standard drives and energy impulses come from Mars. Nothing is going to happen by itself, what we can often experience as beneficial with strong Mars support. This group now includes Pisces and Taurus, as well as Scorpio and Virgo.

Get acquaintance with belligerence

Some of us don't miss the belligerence at all, and some of us might think it doesn't exist anymore since they haven't experienced it for so long. But that is a mistake, it is there all the time and is only waiting to reappear. And this is the case with the opposition of Mars to the Sun, and likewise with a square position.

And this now affects Libras with the opposition as well as Capricorns and Cancers with the squares.

Yes, Libras that need harmony are now also affected by this belligerence, possibly, and even the caring Cancers. It is considered unlikely that they will be tempted to quarrel, and yet it is more likely than questionable that some quarrelsomeness will come after all.

You only need to come up with these two Zodiac signs, for example, with a topic in which they are specialized, whereby the person you are talking to has no idea about it, of course, but is convinced of the opposite. Well, here we go, but how!

And there it is again, the belligerence, which one already believed to have dissolved into nothing.

The joy of discussion

By the way, "joie de vivre" is the most beautiful form of argumentativeness. Whereas "belligerence" is already the more attractive form of "argument." If you want to argue, you want the argument, at least the topic. It can be a good thing and lead to positive changes if moral principles are observed. If not, Mars appears in its negative form and becomes a God of War, who kills without hesitation.

With Capricorns, a quarrel situation, in general, is nothing unusual; they are used to it, more or less, and hardships are not unknown to them. Nevertheless, circumstances can arise that are not so easy to deal with, which is why it will be very reasonable to avoid the dispute as a matter of principle and to strive for a peaceful solution.

The best way to cope with tense situations is to take it easy on your body and health, go for a walk, calm down, eat well, and sleep sufficiently. In this way, Mars, in its negative form, can be largely controlled.

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