Weekly Horoscope No. 23 2022

Weekly Horoscope: Good Chances for Meeting Extraordinary Women

This is how the stars align for all zodiac signs in love, health and career from 6 to 12 June
Horoscope for the 23rd week (6.6.2022 - 12.6.2022)

Monday, 6 June 2022: Strong Need to Communicate

The Moon and Mercury form a square with each other today, which means that the emotional sphere is not exactly in harmony with the rational sphere, but the need to communicate is nevertheless strong. So, communication today may be met with criticism, especially around family and relatives. Well, what should be said should be discussed, but one should largely hold back with too much criticism because that could only make things worse. However, the time is ripe for tensions to be resolved, and with a lot of tact, it will be possible to steer things in the right direction.

Tuesday, 7 June 2022: Good Day for Making New Acquaintances

The Moon-Uranus trine today gives us mental agility and curiosity for new things. However, this constellation could also introduce us to interesting and extraordinary women. Uranus also often has to do with restlessness, change in the daily routine, or of residence. Another aspect that still works today is the square between the Sun and the Moon, and this often expresses the discrepancy between the personality and feelings, which is then often expressed as imbalance, or moodiness. Sullenness and feelings of listlessness are also part of it. We experience this again and again, but these phases are necessary at times.

Wednesday, 8 June 2022: Mental Alertness and Unclear Feelings

The Moon-Mercury trine causes emotional and caring thoughts. Tendencies for good linguistic expression will also be noticeable, and there may be equally good opportunities in business. These are the positive influences.


However, the Moon-Neptune opposition can cause unclear or detached pipe dreams, as here, Neptune often creates confusion and wants to take us away from reality. As I said, both tendencies are at work today. However, if you don't let Neptune influence you too much, you will be more realistic and able to express yourself well, which can then help you in business dealings.

Thursday, 9 June 2022: A Day to Possibly Resolve Conflicts

Jupiter and Mars form an opposition with the Moon today, which is why the negative qualities of these planets come to the surface. For many of us, we either resolve these issues, problems, or conflicts if they arise - or not. If we don't resolve them, we will just be procrastinating, and they will come up again later.

What could happen today? Many things. But a Jupiter theme, for example, is the personal sense of freedom. (The same is true for Mars). Those who feel restricted in their personal freedom will probably fight back now. And of course, this also applies in the area of relationships. If the partner in a love relationship makes his or her "claims of ownership" too strong, the person concerned will now defend themselves. This often does not happen without a fight. The positive effect of this aspect, however, is that one often feels a sense of well-being now. Those of us with diplomatic skills will elegantly resolve a discussed conflict, should it arise - and also enjoy the day to the full.

Friday, 10 June 2022: Mercury and Pluto Ensure Linguistic and Written Successes

Mercury and Pluto form a trine, and this benefits all those for whom language is mainly their tool for practicing their profession, and many of us are affected by this. In the written field, there are also a lot of linguistic professionals, namely journalists and writers, but also all those who have to write minutes. Teachers, for example, know this very well, as do secretaries. The aspect of today between Mercury and Pluto also affects students. Their written work will be easier than usual; they will finish it faster than usual. And tomorrow, this support from heaven will also work! That is gratifying.


Saturday, June 11, 2022: Mercury and Pluto Still Give Good Advice

The beneficial trine between Mercury and Pluto is still working today! Among other things, this brings about good powers of observation, as well as astuteness, which benefits all of us, but especially those in certain professions, e.g. all salesmen and writers. Because that's what it comes down to, that when a situation arises, you recognize in a flash that there are a thousand hidden possibilities just waiting to be brought to life!

Let's stay with salespeople today. An excellent salesperson immediately sees these thousand possibilities in a person who approaches him and doesn't actually want to buy anything, which is why he now "only" has to think as quickly as possible about which words are the best ones to bring him to a standstill, and lure the person in. Isn't that right? This requires a very special skill that has to be acquired through long training, because it's not that easy. But today this intelligent "cunning way with words" works very well because our powers of observation and acumen are optimally stimulated by the stars.

Sunday, 12 June 2022: Venus and Uranus Ensure Quick Infatuation

Venus and Uranus are conjunct today, and the effects emanating from this conjunction will continue for the next few days. Quick infatuation is possible, as experience shows, and quick separations are often observed. That will be the case, but there will certainly also be couples with whom such a connection that is made today will also last.

But there are also other effects. Since Venus is also the representative of art, this field will also be activated, and there can be a wide variety of effects. Suddenly something will change for the better for people who are involved in the arts. Intuitive empathy will also be activated today, and in the next few days, which in turn will benefit all people working in this field. Music also plays a major role, as well as the urge for freedom in relationships and creative expression in the art world.

That is the overview of the individual days this week with information about the stellar events.

More about the current planetary positions and their effect on the individual signs of the zodiac in the news

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To you, dear readers, have a good week, good thoughts, and many positive stellar influences!

Your Kurt Franz

and the entire astrosofa team!

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