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Monday, 20 June 2022

Advantageous business and acquaintances

Mercury and lucky planet Jupiter form an advantageous sextile with each other today, which will favor the whole area of communication, which after all includes business. So good business deals are possible today, especially those that are future-oriented since Jupiter signifies expansion. Of course, negotiations of any kind, contracts or even just agreements between private persons fall into the same area.

But the Mercury-Jupiter connection also means a wealth of ideas, which is why all those who have to do with language and research will have good ideas to implement today. And beneficial acquaintances are also possible today, and that is perhaps the most exciting thing about this day. Because such a new acquaintance is initially just a passive thing that happens to you. And only when you make something out of it and become active will opportunities arise afterward, the effects of which are not yet foreseeable. Well, exciting, exciting is how a new acquaintance can develop.

No longing remains unfulfilled. (Khalil Gibran)

No longing remains unfulfilled. (Khalil Gibran)

Tuesday, 21 June 2022:

The beginning of summer with a rush of love

What a day today! Summer begins as the Sun enters the sign of Cancer. Cancerians are now celebrating their birthdays, for which we offer our heartfelt congratulations! But that is not the only significant event today, there are others that we will discuss, but for now we want to focus on the Cancers, they are the centre of attention today. But indirectly, so are we all.


The Sun in Cancer

When the Sun is in the sign of Cancer, the creative life forces within us are strongly stimulated. This includes first of all the imagination, which is necessary to awaken concepts and ideas in us, that we can only realize afterward. Furthermore, our sensitivity is strongly stimulated, as well as our domesticity and sense of family, for which Cancerians are known.

"My home is my castle" is the motto of the sensitive Cancerians. Their planet is the Moon, which is why the strong emotional emphasis and the wealth of feelings of the Cancerians is already explained by this. It is true that the Cancerians are very dependent on their feelings - and this can go as far as moodiness - but as a cardinal sign, they are also or nevertheless very strong in asserting themselves. What they want, they will also achieve. Behind their great sensitivity there is also a strong will, so don't be deceived by their sensitivity.

More information about the zodiac sign Cancer

Pluto awakens the power of love

The love frenzy that will take place for many of us on Tuesday is caused by the favorable trine between Venus and Pluto. This constellation will continue for several days, which is why this time will leave many with unforgettable days. Intense desires make themselves felt, with extraordinary attraction, and strong feelings of love. But also the artistic talents are strongly addressed now, and this is additionally a very good time for the artistically active among us.


And there is another very remarkable constellation today, namely the monthly conjunction between the Moon and Jupiter, which will prove to be a stroke of luck for many of us! So watch carefully and seize the opportunities! Possibly an interesting person will run across our path, whom we should perhaps march after? The motor activity of the steps has often suddenly given rise to an interesting idea. - And if nothing comes up in terms of ideas with the athletics we have started and nothing else, we can turn off at some point, whereby the few more steps of movement have certainly not done us any harm.

The heart must have hands, the hands a heart. (Proverb from Tibet)

The heart must have hands, the hands a heart. (Proverb from Tibet)

Wednesday, 22 June 2022:

The strong love constellation is still

Venus and Pluto are still connected by a favorable trine, which is why the feeling of love will still be strong for many of us.

The strong feeling of love is one thing, but to be happy in love we still need a partner, who, if he or she is present, often has to be encouraged to feel love first, because he or she does not feel as strongly as we do. Yes, this often happens, especially with partners who have been in a relationship for a long time. But through this use of animation and through this sincere endeavor, one can then also achieve common happiness in love. At least now and then, and that is already better than nothing.

A very favourable time for singles

And as far as the singles among us are concerned, these days are once again very favorable for them to find a partner. So it pays to be active now because the prospects of being successful are very good.

And since all singles feel the same way, almost all singles are out and about now, just waiting to be approached. We should at least be aware of this because it makes it much easier to make contact, doesn't it?

"Are you single too?"

should now be the question when you spot someone who looks like a single person without having thought too much. As we all know, who dares wins.

And basically, there are only two answers. Either a happy yes! Or an "unfortunately no", which will at least bring some humor into the day.


But if the answer is "unfortunately no", you should not be discouraged, but carry on, because the remaining singles are still waiting, and there are many of them. Whereby the next time an object appears that looks like a single, the game starts all over again with the probability of success - and new cards mean new luck ..

Love came into being with women and women came into being with love, and that is why one cannot understand one without the other. (Novalis)

Love came into being with women and women came into being with love, and that is why one cannot understand one without the other. (Novalis)

Thursday 23 June 2022:

Venus moves into the sign of Gemini

When Venus is in the sign of Gemini, love, and communication are now very important. This applies to existing partnerships, in which activation of the love relationship is now sought, to singles, who will now increasingly be looking for a partner.

Venus now gets a sympathetic nature, a natural charm, adaptability, and responsiveness in the sign of Gemini. Furthermore, the sign of Gemini is also characterized by a positive attitude towards life; and a special characteristic of Gemini is also to approach new situations with interest and enthusiasm. And this is how the goddess of love presents herself now.

The "nose" for business ideas

And Venus is also said to develop a special "nose" for making money now that she walks in Gemini. There you go, that's just the thing for us! This is why we are invited to smell along with her from now on!

A scent alone is priceless in and of itself! Just think of the bewitching smell of cloves! A carnation does not cost much, blooms all summer, survives even the winter, and can remind us every day with its pleasant and stimulating scent to stimulate our thought processes in the direction of income, through a perhaps cleverly contrived new business deal, - whatever that may be.


The money multiplication idea

For example, a grandson could "delight" his grandpa with the following suggestion by saying to him: "Dear grandpa, I would like a carnation for you, and a carnation for me, because I have heard that the scent of carnations gives us good ideas, including ideas that help us to increase our income". - So that's what a grandson might say to his grandpa. Or to his grandma, depending on his assessment of generosity.

And such a grandparent will then think to himself, my grandson is really very talented and as clever as I am, and will then not only give him the money for the two carnations but also something in addition as a reward and thus round up the sum, which is why the grandchild's income, which is usually called pocket money, has now happily increased. Well? - Which, of course, is all thanks to Venus in Gemini. Thank you. And to me, too.

The most important deed is always love. - Meister Eckhart

The most important deed is always love. - Meister Eckhart

Friday, 24 June 2022:

Love and unusual love ideas

We recently discussed that Venus in Gemini now takes on a charming character, an easy-going, happy, cheerful, very receptive, and enthusiastic one because we are now also influenced by nature around us with so much variety and novelty. The luxuriantly newly arisen and in turn generously giving itself away plant life with its splendour of blossoms influences us, as it penetrates us with beneficial effects.

And since the sign Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of intellect, reason, and (logical) action, these areas are now also very much at the center of our lives. Thinking, speaking, and acting are the essential categories that Mercury conveys and teaches us. Thinking and speaking correctly is not that easy. And with our actions we must also always make sure that they fulfill a criterion so that they are also correct actions, and this criterion, as we know, is called logic.


What is logic, in a nutshell, and thus to the point?

Always consider all the possibilities that exist and not act according to the first possibility that comes to mind. And this already brings us to the first difficulty that can arise, because most of the time there are numerous possibilities and not just one. And sometimes there are possibilities that are impossible to think of at the moment, despite all the efforts of thought because they will only become apparent in the future.

As can be the case, for example, when opening a business. You seem to have considered everything, then you take the plunge - and unfortunately, this courageous venture still leads to total bankruptcy.

So what is the right way to act?

That is the question. But first we would like to point out that there is another important criterion that we should take into account in all our actions, namely morality, the moral principles as laid down in the Ten Commandments of God. Moral principles distinguish between good and evil. And if we do not want to perish in the end and sink into the realm of evil, we must always strive to act well and thus morally right.

But how does that work?

Basically, it is quite simple, but only when we know how to do it. And many of us already know this and act accordingly. The solution to the riddle is: that we must ask the angels to advise us in our decisions, and after this request, the quick responses will come from them in the form of thought impulses.

Of course, we also know that there are not only the good angels but also the fallen ones. The fallen angels - and there are a lot of them - tell us not to ask God or his good angels for help, because they already have enough to do and it would be very selfish to ask them.


This argumentation sounds somehow logical, and that is why many of us allow ourselves to be influenced by these trains of thought of the fallen angels, - therefore act according to our own discretion and continue to make our mistakes.

The apparently logical-sounding conclusion

This conclusion, which sounds so logical from the fallen angels, and by whom we allow ourselves to be influenced, is nevertheless wrong because it is based on ignorance. The fallen angels only want to take us away from God with this seemingly logical conclusion! They actually want us to have no contact with God or with His angels. This is the actual background of their thought processes.

In reality, however, the angels want to be allowed to help us, because in the end, we are far from being able to know everything that is necessary for the various actions. And then they are happy to help us because they are there for us. And the only prerequisite is that we ask them for help. So we have to want them to help us, in accordance with the freedom of will that prevails in the cosmos. In any case, the good angels know. The fallen ones don't, they only pretend to know, so they deceive us, which ultimately also amounts to a lie.

My advice: try it out!

To find something beautiful probably means above all: to find it. - Robert Musil

To find something beautiful probably means above all: to find it. - Robert Musil

Saturday, 25 June 2022:

Lots of imagination, sensitivity, and spirituality

The Moon, in sextile conjunction with Neptune, is active for us again today, so we could make the most of the day with the offerings coming from the two planets. For many of us, a strong dream life is likely to make itself felt. Perhaps there are valuable clues that can help us with certain problems. For the Moon-Neptune connection also gives us an inner seeing.


And sensitivity is not only a quality that poets need to write poetry but a characteristic that also shows itself outwardly in people and that we observe with fascination when we notice it in a person. Such a person then has a very special effect that fascinates us and of which we are in awe. Everything is mysterious to us. But what is it that emanates from the soul of such a person?

Love is certainly there, love as a quietly working divine power and force that harmonizes and makes beautiful. And in the end, it is above all the spirit of God that works in such a person, spreading contentment.

Sunday, 26 June 2022:

Today Lady Luck is on the move with her gifts

The Lady Luck today is composed of the planets Moon, Venus, and Jupiter, which through their interaction cause favorable influences that will benefit us. However, such a distribution of luck is never equally distributed to all of us - otherwise, each of us would have to do the lottery today! - instead, it happens in accordance with our individuality, in which our karma also plays an essential role. However, many of us who will experience beautiful moments today will take this for granted and will in no way perceive this as luck.

This is why we have now arrived at the criterion of happiness, whereby the ideas about what happiness is are colossally different. But if you lower your expectations of happiness from unattainable heights to reality, you will be very satisfied with your luck today, because there is a lot in it in all areas of life due to the three harmonizing planets.

And at the end of the day, we come to the conclusion that we have experienced a very beautiful and varied day with many happy moments that we will not soon forget.

Your astrologer Kurt Franz

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