Monthly Horoscope Cancer July 2019| photo: (c)  Nneirda  -

Monthly Horoscope Cancer July 2019

What are the stars for Cancer in July 2019 in love, work, and health?
Monthly Horoscope Cancer July 2019| photo: (c)  Nneirda  -

Monthly Horoscope Cancer July 2019

What are the stars for Cancer in July 2019 in love, work, and health?

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Monthly Horoscope Cancer July 2019

Cancers will celebrate their birthday and receive a lot of energy from the sun. Also, Mars, the Planet of energy, will control a lot of life power. A great cocktail for a particular time! Venus will also spoil Cancers since it is standing in this sign. Only Saturn

Venus also spoils Cancers since it stands in its own Zodiac sign. Only Saturn does not provide much pleasant influx.

Best times for love 

For vitality and well-being 

The  Sun will stand in its own Zodiac sign Cancer July 23rd, which is why the Cancer born people celebrate their birthday up to this date, and we congratulate with them. Notably, the older of the Cancer-born will need many birthday gifts, so that they can cheer up and forget about the year just passed by. Crabs will get much vitality and energy from the Sun, they will be useful to face future projects. During the  23rd July, the Sun will move to the neighbor Zodiac sign Leo, giving way to a ⚺extile and now more self-initiative will be required to enforce your goals.

Monthly horoscope Cancer July 2019 | photo:  Alexey Kuznetsov -


Mars, the Planet of Energy, will stand in the Zodiac sign Leo all month long. This planet of the ⚺extile always presents both positive and negative qualities. Mars is the active principle but is also responsible for anger and war. Mars also stands for male sexuality and for vital human force. It is essential that we learn to channel this potent energy to achieve positive things and not for outbursts of anger. You know, the refinement of sexual energy is the start of all creative processes.
Jupiter, the Planet of Luck, continues to stand in the Zodiac sign Sagittarius, resulting in a quincunx angle which will bring a reorientation. Il will be a good time for learning or to attend some post-work course, just to improve your knowledge in your own field. The planet Jupiter knows how to appreciate idealism being, in fact, the planet of idealism itself. Nevertheless, you cannot exclude lucky circumstances, since Jupiter is always favorable to positive, productive, and sentimental actions.

Nothing new to report of Saturn, throughout the year 2019 the planet will build opposition to Cancer, and the will have to face always inconveniences and issues.

Profession, money, and communication: 

Mercury will stand in the sign Leo until July 19th, declining then and moving to the Zodiac sign Cancer. The transit in Cancer will bring great communication moments again, at work, and also in business. However, there is a downer, because from July 7th to the end of the month, Mercury will be declining, and caution will be required in all areas. There could be problems with your account, signatures could not be valid, and you will have to pay close attention to new contracts. But also, real opportunities could occur. For example, you could get back money that you did no more count on, and a long-lasting dispute could finally come to an end.  

Monthly horoscope Cancer July 2019 | photo: (c) Jacob Lund -


Love, happy moments and art: 

As for love, July will bring the best times of the year. Venus will stand in its own sign Cancer, and that will mean that the goddess of love, beauty and art will spoil the Cancer-born most of all other signs. Who will not exploit these wonderful times one hundred percent, can only blame himself. Enjoy is the motto of the month!


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