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2023 – This Is How the Year of Mars Will Be From an Astrological Perspective

The red planet is the focus of astrology this year
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Annual Horoscope 2023 - Year of Mars
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A different star rules each year. 2023 will be the year of Mars from an astrological point of view. This means it will be very energetic and also noisy. We hope that these energies can be used positively!

Mars - the red planet

Approximately 225 million kilometers from Earth is the fourth planet of our solar system, as seen from the Sun. A flight there would take about seven months. And anyone arriving there would find a rather inhospitable region awaiting them: the average temperature is -55 degrees Celsius and water is only suspected so far, and at first the earthly visitor would be looking at a dry, desert-like planet. Nevertheless, such a journey is currently being planned.

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To realize our goals, we need its energy.

To feel the powers of Mars, however, you don't need to travel there right away. For that, it is enough to experience normal life on Earth. Whether it's sporting achievements, conflicts or a thirst for action: the energy of Mars is very much at work here. And it does so even when we are sitting on the sofa at home. In astrology, the position of Mars in relation to the various planets is important. Depending on the angle, its energies sometimes have a disturbing effect, sometimes an inspiring one.

Characteristics of Mars

Ruler of the zodiac sign Aries


cardinal (with Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn, consciousness is directed toward the self)

Fire (with Leo and Sagittarius)

Determination, courage, assertiveness, willpower, willingness to take risks (prudent), perseverance, self-assertion, and leadership qualities

Destructiveness, impatience, egoism, ruthlessness, belligerence, excessive competition

It brings the necessary strength for self-realization and the achievement of goals

In traditional astrology, Mars was mainly interpreted negatively: the planet stood for warlike confrontation and destruction. This interpretation was mainly due to its red color, which, as we know it today, comes from a layer of iron oxide dust on its surface. Thus the red planet was named after "Mars," the Roman god of war.

This interpretation found its way into the planet's astrological powers. And a second attribution was thus also established: For the symbol of Mars, the god of war, is also the symbol of masculinity.


In more recent astrology, Mars' effect was considered more differentiated. Every force can have a positive as well as a negative effect.

Without the desire to fight, there would be no progress. For struggle also means one's will to move forward - to achieve something, even if obstacles stand in the way.

Time of competition and assertiveness

Mars can be seen as a source of energy. He brings us perseverance, assertiveness, drive, and determination. And this especially in a positive sense. We can only rise above ourselves, achieve our goals, and realize our dreams if we commit ourselves to them. And when obstacles are put in our way, Mars is critical and helpful. We need Mars for self-realization and to stand up for ourselves. Love can be lived out lustfully with the help of Mars.

Of course, Mars transits can also bring difficulties. In unfortunate cases, it makes people more argumentative, uncompromising, aggressive, hot-tempered, and impatient. It can trigger destructiveness, belligerence, and exaggerated competitive thoughts.


Depending on its conjunction with another planet, Mars has an invigorating effect on different areas. In conjunction with Mercury, for example, the mind is activated; in conjunction with Venus, the desire for physical love.

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