Annual Horoscope Aries: Now things are running up again

What are the stars for Aries in the year 2021?
Annual Horoscope Aries 2021
Annual Horoscope Aries 2021

In mid-December 2020, Saturn ended its square position, which challenged many Aries people in the last two and a half years and is now forming a beneficial sextile that will stabilize in some areas from now on. This occurrence is very favorable, so things are looking up again.

However, Pluto is still in a square in Capricorn, the reason why many Aries people still face difficulties in their professional and career areas and perhaps also in the relationship with superiors. Diplomatic behavior rather than confrontation would be much better now. This situation also requires patience, and that is a critical area Aries could learn now. You don't always need to hit the walls with your head.


Caution in financial matters

Uranus in Taurus and the Aries finance house can sometimes indicate financial worries and concerns, no wonder in these times of restrictions. However, optimism drives away black thoughts, and soon the light will come back.

Neptune, the planet of higher love and inspiration, is in Pisces and, therefore, in the 12th House of Aries. Neptune gives a higher knowledge of space processes and brings prophecy, the gift of vision, up to divine enlightenment.

Aries is preferred by Jupiter almost all year round

Almost the whole year Jupiter brings happiness in all areas of life

Jupiter in Aquarius brings happiness


Perhaps the best news comes from the lucky planet Jupiter. Whenever he is in the sign of Aquarius, he will have a beneficial effect on Aries with a favorable sextile, which will affect all life's areas.

Jupiter brings about renewal in Aquarius, and those who are flexible like Aries will benefit from the new opportunities. The world is continually turning, which is why the changes that are taking place should be recognized and used, even if the changes are not always so easy to master. But Jupiter in Aquarius will give us the right support. Jupiter is in Aquarius from Mid-December 2020 to mid-May 2021, and from the beginning of August 2021 to the end of December 2021. These are relatively long times, and they will bring positive effects!

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