Annual horoscope Cancer: 2021 will be a year of development for Cancer

What are the stars for Cancer in the Saturn year 2021?
Annual Horoscope Cancer 2021
Annual Horoscope Cancer 2021

Saturn has finally given up opposition, and there have been so many difficulties for Cancer people in the past two years and a half. Saturn now stands in Aquarius all year round, keeping a neutral position, and the positive and tense situations will be roughly balanced. But if we show hard work, Saturn will support us as a reward. So we can expect financial benefits in the long term.

Pluto, the planet of power and mass action, is still in Capricorn and forms an opposition to the Sun of Cancer. All risky activities should always be avoided, which is especially true with Pluto's tense aspects. And health should now also be considered and overexertion avoided. "Less is more" is a good rule of thumb here.


In a change process

Uranus, the planet of change and future, stands in Taurus all year round, which means the 11th House for Cancer, which has Aquarius character. Maintaining friendships is a top priority, and conversation shouldn't be neglected either. And the process of change in the professional field, already started for many, should now be continued. Because whoever breaks new ground will always discover something new.

Neptune, the planet of divine love and spirituality, is still in the water sign Pisces, at home. Neptune forms a beneficial trine to Cancer, a water sign as well. So higher knowledge, prophecy, vision, up to divine enlightenment can now be expected. The Zodiac sign Pisces is the 9th House for Cancer, ruled by Jupiter, representing ideals and higher education. And these areas are now again very much recommended to Cancer people.

Yearly horoscope Cancer 2021

Divine love and higher knowledge thanks to Neptune

Jupiter supports in summer


The planet Jupiter will be in Aquarius and Pisces in 2021.

In Aquarius, Jupiter forms a neutral position, so perhaps half of the odds that will arise will be positive. Jupiter is in Aquarius from mid-December 2020 to mid-May 2021 - then again from the beginning of August 2021 to the end of December 2021.

In Pisces, Jupiter stands excellently with a trine for Cancer, which is why excellent opportunities can now be expected. However, the time is not so long, and we should follow the day's events attentively so that we don't miss anything.

Jupiter is in Pisces from mid-May 2021 to the end of July 2020. Now the so-called great luck could also occur, or even a bigger lucky hit. Anyway, we wish you good luck with Cancer!

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