Annual horoscope Sagittarius: It will be a year of change and profitable opportunities

How do the stars stand for the Sagittarius in the Saturn year 2021?
Annual Horoscope Sagittarius 2021
Annual Horoscope Sagittarius 2021

Saturn is under Aquarius all year round, which means an advantageous aspect position for Sagittarius. In the long term, this transit brings about consolidation of our living conditions. We are now virtually more reasonable, so we will experience fewer effects in the emotional world. That happens because one does not react quite as spontaneously now, and this fact can sometimes lead to wrong decisions. We are more likely to come to terms with ourselves and could, therefore, also consider larger tasks. We now think and act profoundly. So Saturn will bring about a change in the character structure of Sagittarius towards more stability.

Pluto, the planet of power and mass effects, will not play such a significant role in Sagittarius's life in 2021 either, as the planet is still in Capricorn. Therefore, it only forms a half-sextile to the Sun of Sagittarius, which will not significantly affect the sign. However, it also includes a beneficial trine to Uranus, the planet of change located in Taurus, so there are good opportunities in the financial and professional area. If, for example, a new job offer comes up, you should think carefully; the prospects for a positive change are good as far as Pluto is concerned. However, Saturn is against it.

Yearly horoscope  Sagittarius 2021

Almost the whole year Jupiter gives happiness in all areas of life

Caution with big decisions

Uranus, the planet of changes and reforms, is in Taurus, as we have already mentioned, the 6th House of Sagittarius, the House of Work and Health. Pluto is good to Uranus, but Saturn forms a square simultaneously; that is, he works against any good opportunity that could arise, so the matter is ambivalent. Therefore, one should be very careful when making important decisions and consider and review things a lot. The professional, financial, and also the relationship area is affected.

Neptune, the planet of higher love and inspiration, stands in Pisces, where it is at home and feels good. Neptune donates here a higher knowledge of the processes, brings prophecy, the gift of vision, up to divine enlightenment. Those are the positive effects. However, Neptune has been square to the Sagittarius Sun for a long time, so our attention is drawn to the general need to beware of deceptions that could occur in all areas of life.

Jupiter provides happy events


The great planet of happiness Jupiter will be in Aquarius in 2021 (from mid-December 2020 to mid-May 2021 and from early August 2021 to late December 2021) and in the short term in Pisces (from mid-May 2021 to late July 2021).

In Aquarius, Jupiter forms a favorable aspect, so happy events in all life areas can be expected again and again, which is very gratifying. In Pisces, however, Jupiter forms a square, and we should beware of exaggeration and cockiness. We should also comply with all statutory provisions. So, correctness is required.

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