The year of Saturn 2021

Astrological and anthroposophical thoughts by Kurt Franz
Year of the Saturn
Year of the Saturn

The astrological new year always starts with the beginning of spring. In particular, when the Sun enters the sign of Aries, as it will do in 2021 on March 20th, at 10:37 a.m. Until then, we still have the year of the Moon. But the astronomical new year begins earlier, always on January 1st, which we always celebrate extensively in the middle of the cold winter. That is quite okay, but the beginning of spring with the vital reawakening of nature, which we also feel and experience intensely, is the natural beginning of the year and would therefore be worth at least as much to be celebrated joyfully as New Year's Eve.

Well, some of us will probably already do it anyway and welcome spring, quietly and silently, all by ourselves, which would be an excellent alternative to the crazy cracking around on December 31st.


When the Sun enters Aries on March 20th, 2021, at 10:37 a.m., an unbelievable unfolding of power and life will take and the sunlight, God's miracle, incomprehensible to us, has an effect on the earth and now brings the entire plant world to budding. And this happens entirely silently, in a very modest way, which is why we could learn humility once again from these observations.

Plants are already sprouting, but such events occur almost suddenly and with intensity with the Sun in Aries. And then, amazed and awe-struck, we always watch the first snowdrops growing out of the earth, then the first daffodils, the first violets, and wood anemones. They are all back again.

First day of spring

On March 20th, 2021, the beginning of spring, the year of Saturn begins this time. The Moon will be in Gemini on that day, so our communication activities will be very stimulated. That also fits perfectly with the joyful and grateful greeting of spring.

Two new aspects will take effect on this first day of spring in the evening: a tense aspect between the Moon and Neptune, and a positive aspect between the Moon and Jupiter.

Self-deception and the constellation of happiness


On this day, the lunar Neptune square points to self-deception and we might be at the mercy of such a situation. The disappointments fall into this area of Neptune, and disappointments can arise if we do not reach our goal despite all efforts. Despite supposedly good prospects. In such a case, however, it is essential not to give up in any way, but to continue without fail. For once, the upward trend will undoubtedly return, but most of the time, we do not know precisely when.

A Roman sage expressed this situation of uncertainty very aptly when he said: "We should never begin to stop and never stop to start."

Great, this wisdom, and we should never forget it, as long as we live.

The favorable Moon-Jupiter trine on this day is a constellation of happiness. It points out the kindness and helpfulness we will receive. Kindness, small gifts, and advantages. Since Jupiter is involved in this aspect, today and in the days to come, authorities can support us in legal matters and goodwill.

And these two constellations at the beginning of spring could also be symptomatic for the whole spring. Perhaps even for the entire New Year, the Saturn Year begins on March 20th, 2021, and will last until March 21st, 2022.

Kurt Franz | Photo: Furgler

An astrological view from Kurt Franz

The great constellations of the new year


Saturn will be the regent of Saturn's coming year for 12 months, as said from March 20th, 2021 to March 21st, 2022. During this time, the planet will be under the sign of Aquarius, after having resided for more than two years in his own sign, Capricorn, the reason why his qualities have been expressed very strongly, both positive and negative. Although we usually feel and acknowledge the harmful effects very strongly, we often take the positive ones for granted, but they are not.

Uranus rules Aquarius, and this is the revolutionary who also goes into action when his ideas, his innovations, which he considers necessary, are not recognized. Saturn is the arch-conservative, who is now being urged by Uranus to accept his views to a large extent. Saturn has entered the domain of Aquarius, and those who have good manners will behave to no small extent courteously to the master of the house. Well, we shall see.

Skywriting reading

These constellations do not only occur as skywriting. We can understand how passing the state of development in the world is now, and in all of us as well. For these planetary forces, all work into our souls, both positive and negative. And our actions will be influenced by the development of the character.

The so-called "rulers" on a political level with a low character, of whom the world is now teeming with, as we receive confirmation from the media every day, let themselves be carried away by the negative currents and act accordingly. One of the main tasks for the future will be the question: how can such abuses be prevented?

So shortly, we will probably have to go through the conflict between conservative and progressive, which will undoubtedly continue for a long time. But tradition is not always harmful, and progress is not always positive; it always depends on how we define the terms and what we understand them.


Let's instead say that many are persistently too conservative. All influential people in all areas, from the economy to politics, want to keep their position if they profit from this power. In principle, there is nothing to be said against this if it is all done correctly. But in many cases, this power is abused, which we learn about daily in the media, and then resistance, even revolutions, and war may arise.

If we continue to analyze this delicate subject with power, we soon conclude that in the end, all of us are involved since we all have somehow control on something and are also tempted to use our power in the wrong way. Aquarius, the philanthropist, and we have been living in the Aquarian Age for quite some time now, makes us aware of brotherly love. This kind of love we are supposed to put into practice because if everyone kept to it, God's commandments would automatically be obeyed and peace would come to the world.

But we can still wait a long time for this, as many will now think. And so, it will be because the age of Aquarius will continue for the next 2,000 years.

Pluto remains in Capricorn

Pluto has been staying in Capricorn since 2008 and will remain there for several more years. Pluto has the absolute power with mass impact, and in critical connections with other planets, it presents us with our past mistakes. That happened in January 2020 with the conjunction between Saturn and Pluto and the pandemic outbreak, although we only gradually realized this.

Although scientists and open-minded, sensitive people have been waiting and warning us for decades, the overexploitation of nature, environmental sins, and criminal factory farming, where animals are treated as commodities and not as living beings, will one day fall on our heads, hardly anyone has followed suit.


And now the tortured animals are taking revenge using micro-organisms, called viruses and bacteria, caused by our mistreatment. In the past, they used to call them "demons," and as we know, these are the evil spirits who want to harm us. Today we call them bacteria and viruses. But they are still demons, as always, but these "modern names" do not sound quite as dangerous as demons.

The devil is pleased not to be recognized because he can continue his work almost undisturbed. Is he working on it himself? But no, he lets work, for he uses those of us who are just as totally convinced as he is of his view of egoism as the goal of life, and who therefore act accordingly for their advantage - and for whom the opposite of this view, namely, charity, is utterly ridiculous.

For how did Goethe, the great initiate, already say in his Faust? –

People will never notice the devil, even if they have him by the collar!

Uranus still works in Taurus

In Taurus is one of the residences of Venus, the other is in Libra. The domains of Venus are love, beauty, and also money. Money can be exchanged positively for beautiful material things, which we like to do again and again. A coin can also be beautiful, but you cannot bite it down. Therefore, we prefer to exchange it for a good lunch.


So, Venus represents not only love and beauty and art but also money. And the critic Uranus entered her realm a year ago and is whirling around there. Many of us have already felt it because unemployment means not only mental stress but also less money. How the state budgets are to be put in order shortly, hardly anyone knows, considering that the crisis is not over. So, the fear of monetary devaluation that could come our way is not unfounded.

And what disturbs Uranus most of all is the still often unfair distribution of money - a challenging and complicated matter.

Uranus will continue to demand a change in thinking so that better solutions can gradually be developed for us all in the future. It is already forcing us to do so now. And the governments of the world are already involved in this problem and must always find solutions. And this will probably continue for a long time to come.

There are also rays of hope

Neptune represents the higher, divine love, intuition, compassion, and love for all life. In good effect, he gives clairvoyance and insights into the cosmic omniscience. He is the star of vision, empathy, divine art, and fantasy.

Neptune continues to stay in his home area, the sign of Pisces, where he feels comfortable and can be very useful. He will encourage and inspire many people to take the initiative and work for the good of humanity. Each of us is called upon to join in his area of life in which he is active. Only a small, good deed is a small stone in the vast mosaic we are building together and which will continue to delight us with its beauty even as it is being created.


The second one in the group, which gives us much hope and confidence, is Jupiter, the star of happiness. He stays under the sign of Aquarius the whole year 2021, except mid-May to the end of July 21st.

Jupiter in Aquarius supports progress for humanity in a positive sense, in the spirit of brotherhood. He is for innovations, for reforms, for inventions of all kinds, if they benefit us. In Aquarius, Jupiter is for new knowledge, for new insights, for original thinking, for literature, for writing, press, and trade. It also brings about a happy, free, and independent review, and sudden ideas that many of us will receive will help us find satisfactory solutions.

And Jupiter in Pisces stands for charity. Great multitudes of angels and good spirits will help that many of us become involved in charity, who will also experience for themselves that the word of God is real and always occurs when we act accordingly. And this word of God is called:

One gives freely, he gains even more!

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