Annual Horoscope Scorpio: Scorpios should react flexibly in the new year

What are the stars for Scorpio in the Saturn year 2021?
Annual horoscope Scorpio 2021
Annual horoscope Scorpio 2021

Since Saturn has been in Aquarius since mid-December 2020, now it forms a square position to Scorpio throughout the year. This situation can bring certain obstacles, so we should be prepared for it and react flexibly. Whoever adjusts to the new circumstances, if they ever come, will surely be an advantage. Saturn is the antagonist of the Sun and the vitality and life force that affects us. Saturn takes a lot away from the Sun, so it is advisable to use our strength sparingly and gently, both in professional life and sporting activities. Those who act sensibly can cope best with it.

Pluto brings enforcement


Pluto, the planet of power and mass action, is still in Capricorn and therefore forms a favorable aspect to the Scorpio Sun, the reason why a lot of assertiveness will even come from the planet. It will be useful for the projects that the Scorpions want to implement. Those who show perseverance and are diligent in their efforts will also be able to reap the material fruits. Pluto increases vitality, which is why very ambitious goals can now be achieved.

Jahreshoroskop Skorpion 2021

Mit Pluto an ihrer Seite können sich die Sorpione durchsetzen

Caution in financial matters

Uranus, the planet of changes and reforms, is still in Taurus, so there is always an opposition. On the one hand, this situation concerns financial matters that should be handled very carefully this year; on the other hand, Taurus is the 7th House for Scorpio, i.e., the relationship house. We must now expect that Uranus may begin to examine our partnerships. If they are okay, there will likely be only minor disagreements. In the other case, a new start is not excluded.

Neptune, the planet of higher love and inspiration, stands in Pisces, where it is at home and feels good. Neptune donates here a higher knowledge of the processes, brings prophecy, the gift of vision, up to divine enlightenment. Neptune forms a beneficial trine to Scorpio so that Scorpio people are now invited to deal with the higher things in life this year, of which religion, philosophy, and anthroposophy are critical areas.


The great planet of happiness Jupiter will be in Aquarius in 2021 (from mid-December 2020 to mid-May 2021 and from early August 2021 to late December 2021) and in the short term also in Pisces (from mid-May 2021 to late July 2021).

Standing in Aquarius, Jupiter forms a square to Scorpio, so risky business, and in general, every kind of risk should be avoided as much as possible. Legal regulations should also be strictly observed; then, nothing stands in the way of Jupiter's support. - Standing in Pisces, Jupiter forms a favorable trine; happy events can be expected during this time. We can look forward to it!

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