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Here you can read the frequently asked questions from our clients.

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That's the way our voucher/coupon code system is working at

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These are the general terms and conditions for our horoscope shop.

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About the delivery time of the horoscopes.

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Horoscope Shop

What are the stars telling you about your life?

12 month future forecast 2020 | Photo: ©

Horoscope - Future Forecast 2020

Your astrological outlook for the year 2020. 29,95$ 24,95$

Natal Report & Birth Chart from | Photo: © Alex Tihonov -

Personality Report

The personality report is our classic and must-have for every astro...

Solar Return Report - | Photo: ©

Horoscope - Solar Return Report

Learn everything about the new year of your life! This report runs...

Future Forecast Transit Report | Photo: ©

12 Months Future Forecast

Our premium horoscope tells you about your astrological constellati...

Relationship Report | Photo: ©

Relationship Report (Composite)

Our Relationship Report for all types of relations. This horoscope...

Compatibility Chart - Partnership Horoscope | Photo: ©

Romantic Compatibility Report

Are you and your (potential) partner a perfect match? Read in your...

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