Chinese Ascendant

The Chinese ascendant determines the character

The Chinese ascendant determines the character

Humans are shaped by the zodiac signs and their particular elements; both are complemented by the ascendant. By the way: the Chinese horoscope does not use the rising star on the eastern horizon at the moment of birth. Each zodiac sign of the Chinese horoscope rules about 2 hours of each single day.

This minor subordinated cycle starts at 11 p.m. and lasts until 1 a.m. and is represented by the rat. In the case of a midnight birth, someone’s ascendant is the rat - and its proper characteristics adopt his personality. If your time of birth is known to you then you can select from the ascendant calculation table which animal represents your character.

1-3h a.m.:        Ox

3-5h a.m.:        Tiger

5-7h a.m.:        Rabbit/Cat

7-9h a.m.:        Dragon

9-11h a.m.:      Snake

11-13h a.m.:    Horse

13-15h a.m.:    Sheep/Goat

15-17h a.m.:    Monkey

17-19h a.m.:    Rooster

19-21h a.m.:    Dog

21-23h a.m.:    Pig

23-1h a.m.:     Rat

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