The Rooster

If you are facing a person with strength of character and moral courage – this one could be a Rooster!

10 things about the Chinese Zodiac Rooster

If you are facing a person with strength of character and moral courage – this one could be a Rooster!


Represented hours of the Rooster:
5h p.m. – 7h p.m.

Cardinal direction: West

Season / month:
Autumn / September

Fix element: Metal

Parallele zodiac sign: Virgo

Positive characteristics: a strong character, impressive, organizational talent, passionate within discussion, idealistic, convincing in appearance, imaginative, optimistic

Negative characteristics: Proud, reserved, arrogant, vain, sublime, ostentatious

An impressive and proud character defines the Rooster (chinese sign: 酉). The Rooster might master the period of crisis with coolness and hold its head up high. They prefer having an overview towards each situation and they continue their work by developing and processing diverse structures - various plans are being adopted and finally, equally practical solutions for each single case. They like to have a perfect body and a perfect mind.

Focussing on the center with accuracy and fond of compliments

On a professional level and intimate level as well, the Rooster claims adoration and admiration. Despite its obvious impressive appearance and expressive behavior, the Rooster is uncertain. So the Rooster takes care of the aspects of appearance. Equally, it gains for recognition, acknowledgment and confirmation.

They feel convenient while staying in the center of the crowd… and communicate their complex knowledge with several discussion participants. Seeking for companionship and fostering the dialogue and conversation is theirs. Do not start an argument with the Rooster – you could expect disparaging comments and indoctrination…

Unfortunately for them, the quarrel is not ceased and for the settlement of disputes, the general course has not charted. But it is not convenient for a Rooster. The Rooster changes its behavior for some reason – sometimes it settles in the far and then it is at the right time at the right place. If the Rooster mistook, it would have never admitted. It does not miss its effect and appears arrogant and self-complacent. But for those who know the Rooster in a profound way they experience its good-natured kind. But in general, the Rooster is a good guy.

The Rooster and its particular manner

The Rooster shows its pleasant and proud side and it might be the best it could be offered. Its effect on the opposite sex is immense when it brings it on. But another heart might be broken until the Rooster would have found its love. Within its close relationship, the Rooster is more conservative and defines a marriage and classic attitude. It prefers core values like fidelity and faithfulness in marriage with perfect family life. Doesn’t matter if man or woman – Rooster is on stage; they support for their dependents.

Concerning its career, the Rooster has various skills and talents. The Rooster is regarded and is often set in responsible positions. With restriction, it is recommended for the classic career structure.


Ideal partner:
Snake, Ox

Pig, Horse, Dragon

Moderately suitable:
Rat, Monkey, Goat, Tiger, Rooster, Dog



The five elements of the Rooster

Earth Rooster

Born as a sign of the element of earth you may be intelligent and responsible – with regard to other signs you are more upholding traditions. Common sense is their measure – never allowing themselves being too risky and adventurous.

They are most of all practical and logical, however, caused by these characteristics each enterprise would be flourishing.
From all types of Roosters is the type of earth Rooster the most reliable one. It has a clear mind and has a mindful structure when it is planning and carrying out its projects.

Fire Rooster

Passionate, ambitious and fiercely competitive: The Fire rooster represents confidence and impatientness– bursting with strength. Innovative projects, renewals and improvements in general are set on the list. Defying all odds they are regrettably haunted by pure egoism and their predominating behaviour won’t be welcome. On professional level the Fire Rooster dominates the upper floors of the managers and members of the executive boards.

Fire rooster upholds its values and proclaims its achievements in an energetic way. Temporarily it reveals its nervous tendencies and its self-esteem is rather weakened.

Wood Rooster

Wood Roosters endeavour a maximum certitude in life. They collect material and non-material goods by maintaining of ethic and attitude to morality. Wood Roosters are open-minded towards development and improvement. They bring up projects and ideas with persuasion and assertiveness towards lucrative sustainability.

The wood Rooster behaves less rigid than its Roosters companions towards their differently minded fellows. The wood Rooster is considerable and sociable.

Water Rooster

The Water Rooster  shows itself adaptably towards distinct forms of changes – in contrary towards the Metal Rooster, which reflects more resistance. Variable conditions and dependence are accepted without hesitation and doubt. Water Roosters are inquisitive minds and like to develop further on mental level. Born in the year belonging to the element of water this type of Rooster has sensitivity and likes to communicate – keen sense of intuition. Sometimes it is tired and shows passive presence for a while…

The Water Rooster is quite intellectual and eloquent. On professional level it is situated in the fields and subjects of Arts and humanities - and has a favour for cultural projects at all.

Metal Rooster

The Metal Rooster is strong, firm and high principled. It is controlled when other are upset – keeps calm within challenging situations. Obstinate and with ambition - the Metal Rooster follows its imagination and is equally goal orientated.

For other types of Roosters it might be acceptable to admit particular opinions, but for Metal Roosters it would be unthinkable. They feel confident about their attitudes and estimations. It should be quite impossible to persuade the Metal Rooster of the contrary. Caused by its incorruptible logic and high wisdom it seems to be unreachable… The metal Rooster would like to in gain financial security. But it is not only being opened towards its own benefit. The Rooster is supporting to one another.

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