Cancer Ascendant

The Empath with a Natural Sensitivity
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Cancer Ascendant
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Cancer Risings are very empathetic when dealing with other people and can easily walk in their shoes. They are impressed quickly. Everything affects them and touches them personally. They can process these sensations with their creative streak and create something new. But since Cancer Ascendants are unable to defend themselves against all kinds of influences, they are also easily vulnerable . They react with withdrawal and flight, quickly question themselves, and tend to doubt and ponder.

To understand the Cancer Ascendant, one needs to look at Cancer's ruler - the Earth's satellite - the Moon. The Moon rules Cancer , and just like all the different phases of the moon, so does the Cancer Ascendandt's mood change on a constant basis. They are also heavily influenced by the moon - especially when there is a full moon and eclipses. They resonate with the number 2 - the number associated with the Moon. Women with this Ascendant's monthly cycle will often be in sync with the full moon, and their breasts will become very tender around this time.


In Greek mythology, the moon was known as Artemis - goddess of the moon, the hunt and chastity. That is why Cancer Ascendants are associated with nature and childbirth. Cancer is a very emotional feminine, Water sign that is of the Cardinal Modality . Many Cancer Ascendants are born wiccans with the power to influence animals (reading their minds and attracting them) and nature.

Cancer Ascendant Motto and Looks

The Cancer ASC's motto is definitely "I feel ," and boy do they feel. It is of high importance that they don't hang around negative and toxic people, as they can really depress them and bring them down. They often have round faces like the moon with big, wet and dreamy eyes. The females almost always have quite large breasts, and the males often have large chests. They can be very voluptuous and put on weight easily - especially since they love food and cooking so much. 

Cancer Ascendant Qualities - The Good

Cancer Ascendants have a strong sense of nostalgia. They are often very psychic . They are extremely in tune with nature and can "feel" people's energy very easily. They are natural healers and can even read people's, and sometimes animals' and plants', thoughts and feelings. 


Cancer Ascendant Qualities - The Bad

If Cancer Rising born people feel under pressure, they can quickly lose their composure and react very strongly emotionally . Sometimes, Cancer Ascendants are, therefore, considered moody and can become depressed easily. Sometimes they also suffer from fear of the future, and they can be extremely gullible, as they are often so innocent. The more life experiences people with Cancer Ascendant have, the better they learn not to let all adversities of life come so close to them emotionally and to feel into everything and everyone.

What people do not understand about Cancer Risings is that although they can appear extremely sweet, soft, and kind, if they are emotionally or physically attacked, they will often react with the rage of a storm blowing over the Pacific Ocean or a Puma protecting her cubs. They truly can be ferocious if "prodded" too much, and the scary thing is that they will know their enemies' weakest spots and will attack with fury, hurting them incredibly.

Cancer Descendant - Capricorn


Their Descendant  is Capricorn. Since Cancer Ascendants can be so soft, they often attract people with a lot of authority, as well as people who guide and discipline them. Having Capricorn rule their 7th house of relationships, there is often a struggle for power with other people. They get along well with older and more mature people. Capricorn Descendant is there to help stabilize their relationship with the outside world . It also makes Cancer Ascendant people very loyal in relationships.
Cancer rules the 4th house of the mother, the kitchen, and the family, while Capricorn rules the 10th house of the career and the father. Here the Moon and Artemis (Cancer) oppose Saturn and Cronus (Capricorn). This can create great melancholy within the individual, like an internal constant battle between mother and father, with happy days only occurring when "mother" and "father" get along. 

Cancer Ascendant Positive Traits

They are maternal, versatile, affectionate, cuddly, kind, familiar, romantic, humorous, tolerant, tender, graceful, sensitive, emotional, close to nature, and creative .

Cancer Ascendant Negative Traits


They are usually unsteady, moody, romantic, sensitive, grumpy, depressed, easily hurt, and melancholic. They need to be very careful around ingesting illegal substances, alcohol, caffeine, stimulants and too much sugar, as these can drive them to psychosis .

Famous Cancer Ascendant Celebrities

The list of famous Cancer Rising celebrities includes multiple Grammy-award winning songstress Adele, Oscar winner Robert de Niro, gorgeous supermodel-looking Barbie actress Margot Robbie, NBA basketball legend Michael Jordan, and Grammy-winning singer The Weekend. 


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