The Tiger

The audacious Tiger likes to takes risks and experience new things.
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Chines zodiac sign Tiger
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Passionate, ambitious and fiercely competitive: these are the qualities of the Tiger (寅). This animal zodiac sign is energetic and accepts challenges with enthusiasm - in hopes of receiving praise and appreciation. 

Tigers are full of optimism, and they aren't afraid to go their own way. On top of that, they also like to take risks, sometimes throwing caution to the wind. However, this sign has the tendency to act carelessly and imprudently, sometimes jumping to conclusions.


Tigers have a strong distaste for monotony; they love amorous escapades full of romance and adventure. For those who were born in the Year of the Tiger, it might be time to quit the 9 to 5 life and venture outside. You never know what may await you!

Because of their liberal attitude and heartfelt nature, Tigers are usually well-received by others. They are keenly interested in their surroundings and those around them, and others usually find them intriguing as well. 

When it comes to marriage and relationship life, Tigers are warm-hearted and sensitive. They aren't afraid to show their feelings and they definitely can have a romantic side. However, it might be difficult for them to stay married and establish a solid connection with a partner over the long term, as they may be unfaithful if they become bored in the relationship.

The Tiger is a hunter and conquerer, though all of this aggression seems to disappear when they are looking after their cubs.

Tigers are most compatible with Horses, Dogs, and Pigs.

10 things about the Chinese Zodiac Tiger



Great Match:
Dog, Horse

Good Match:

Decent Match:
Rat, Rabbit, Tiger, Dragon, Goat, Rooster, Ox, Snake

Bad Match:

Years of the Tiger:  
1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022

Tiger Years, according to the Chinese lunar calendar:

  • February 13, 1926, to February 01, 1927 (Fire Tiger)
  • January 31, 1938, to February 18, 1939 (Earth Tiger)
  • February 17, 1950, to February 05, 1951 (Metal Tiger)
  • February 05, 1962 to January 24, 1963 (Water Tiger)
  • January 23, 1974, to February 10, 1975 (Wood Tiger)
  • February 09, 1986 to January 28, 1987 (Fire Tiger)
  • January 28, 1998, to February 15, 1999 (Earth Tiger)
  • February 24, 2010, to February 02, 2011 (Metal Tiger)
  • February 1, 2022 to January 21, 2023 (Water Tiger)

The Five Elements of the Tiger

Earth Tiger

Earth Tigers are intelligent and responsible; in comparison to other signs, they tend to be more traditional. They have lots of common sense, which prevents them from doing anything too risky or adventurous.


Most of all, they are practical and logical, which makes them great for business. 

This breed of Tiger is more contained and level-headed than its companions. The Earth Tiger is patient, reasonable, and reliable.

Fire Tiger

Passionate, ambitious and fiercely competitive: the Fire Tiger is strong yet restless, bursting with confidence and liveliness. This combination enjoys innovation and opportunities for development. They defy all the odds, though they must battle their ego in the process which doesn't always bode well with others.

Chinese horoscope - Fire - Tiger


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In the professional arena, the Fire Tiger dominates at management and executive duties.

Fire Tigers are bursting with energy and their presence makes everyone around them feel inspired. Fire Tigers are open-minded, creative and sentimental.

Wood Tiger

This type of Tiger likes to feel the ground beneath their feet. Wood Tigers  move through life with a lot of certainty. They gain material things ethically and they have a strong moral compass. 

Chinese horoscope - Wood - Tiger | photo: (c) Ivan Tonev -


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Wood Tigers are open-minded toward development and improvement. They present projects and ideas that are both lucrative and sustainable in nature with a great deal of assertion and persuasion.

The element of wood supports the Tiger’s naturally open-minded attitude toward life. This breed is a great team player and is always supportive of others. However, Wood Tigers can have a superficial side, too.

Water Tiger

The Water Tiger is adaptable to change  (unlike the Metal Tiger, which shows more resistance). Variability, flexibility, and interdependence are core qualities of this element. Water makes for a curious mind that enjoys learning and mental stimulation. Those born in water years are sensitive and communicative, as they have a strong sense of intuition. They tend to have a more passive approach and sometimes get tired quickly.

The water element has a soothing effect, which balances out the ardent Tiger…

Water Tigers  take a step-by-step approach and can sometimes be timid until they learn the ropes. Their sharp mind and understated nature make for a keen sense of intuition. They are especially good at handling difficult situations. However, they can sometimes lose focus due to their liveliness and flexibility.


Metal Tiger

Metal Tigers  are strong, firm and principled. They stay calm and in control when others are upset, as they are able to handle challenging situations. They are obstinate and ambitious - metal personalities aren't afraid to use their imagination, but they are also very goal-oriented. Cool sublimeness meets a hot temper in this particular combination of element and Tiger.

Chinese horoscope - Metal Tiger | photo: (c) Netfalls -
Photo: © Netfalls -

Metal Tigers are very active and do not hesitate, though they are more careful than Fire Tigers. They present projects and ideas that are lucrative yet sustainable with persuasion and assertion. They like to act fancy and be the center of attention.



Hours ruled by the Tiger:  3 am - 5 am

Cardinal direction: east, northeast

Season:   winter

Month:  February

Element:  wood

Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Positive traits: passionate, fiery, energetic, optimistic, friendly, open-hearted, friendly

Negative traits: reckless, unfaithful, impatient

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