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Chinese Horoscope 2017: The year of the rooster

2017 is the year of the fire rooster. The recipe for success is: Do not take risks, work hard and establish order!
Chinese horoscope 2017 | Photo: © 5ph -

Chinese Horoscope 2017: The year of the rooster

2017 is the year of the fire rooster. The recipe for success is: Do not take risks, work hard and establish order! Scroll down

Chinese Horoscope 2017: The year of the rooster

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On the 28th of January 2017, we said goodbye to the year of the fire monkey and have welcome the year of the fire rooster, which lasts until February 15, 2018.

After last year, in which spontaneous and unconventional actions were often rewarded, the year of the rooster is now here. That means it is better to be more cautious and not to act too hastily. Roosters are prone to engage in particularly large (and numerous) projects. In their vanity, they do not want to acknowledge that even their abilities have limits. It is therefore advisable to not take risks, and it is preferable to be on the safe side. A forward-looking and prudent approach will surely be rewarded, and hard work will be capped off with success. It is also helpful that the rooster has a special talent for organization. This will help us steer our plans towards the right path and to bring order to chaos.

Diplomats will again have much to do in 2017

Whether in their private life or on the great stages of society and politics: Conflicts may arise over and over again this year. Today people tend to pay too much attention to themselves and see their approach as the only correct one. This, of course, fosters disputes and disagreements. Particularly with regard to disagreements at the political level, both within the EU and between the EU and Russia or Turkey, this conduct may lead to problems in 2017. Diplomacy is simply not one of the strengths of the rooster.

But no one wants to argue seriously, because although the rooster tends to boast, peace, security, and order are ultimately very important to him. Thus, all disputes will certainly be settled to the satisfaction of all. It is also helpful that the rooster is not a hothead and preserves a cool head even in tricky situations.

The growing need for solid family structures

In love-life matters, the rooster promotes the desire for a stable relationship and a peaceful family life. However, if you are superstitious, you should move a planned wedding to another year: It is said that a rooster year is a "widow's year", and therefore, in 2005 (the last year of the rooster), the registry offices in Shanghai probably had a lot to do before the beginning of the rooster year, so that marriages could occur before the end of the year of the monkey.

But you should not take this too seriously; we are convinced of the fact that even marriages that take place in 2017 are done under a good omen!

The fire rooster contributes energy

The year of 2017 occurs under the element fire, and this last happened in 1957. What does this mean? The fire releases new energies within us, which has to be directed to good things. Centers of conflict can emerge faster than usual, but at the same time, the necessary energy is also there to achieve goals and promote plans.

All in all, it will certainly be an exciting year, opening up many new possibilities for us. Now it is up to us to prove our vigor and to use our strengths purposefully. But please always consider the needs of our fellow human beings, this is the only way 2017 can bring personal happiness.

Animal signs in the year of the rooster

The rat in the year of the rooster

After the monkey year, which was hopefully lucky for all rats, things become somewhat more challenging in the year of the rooster. It is now time to build on the successes achieved in 2016 and to continue the projects that have been started. This is certainly not always easy, but since rats are often pugnacious and ambitious, this will certainly work well. They should pay particular attention and not let themselves be carried away with risky projects. But with all of this stress, of course, fun should not be forgotten: In 2017 the sociable rat will have plenty of opportunities to relax and celebrate!

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The ox in the year of the rooster

For the ox, a year of the rooster is exactly per their taste! While last year was probably too hectic for the relaxed ox, 2017 is quite in line with the nature of the ox. Because of their endurance and solidarity, they are finally able to implement planned projects and achieve important objectives in the meantime, all while on the way to fulfilling their wishes. The year of the rooster perhaps also awakens in them the desire for a stable family. For a wedding, starting a family or a longed-for building of a house now is the right time!

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The tiger in the year of the rooster

The warm-hearted tiger will surely be challenged in 2017, but a tiger would not be a tiger if he did not face challenges courageously! It is precisely in the area of love and relationships that unexpected, beautiful events can occur, and tigers are rewarded for their efforts. And if this does not go well, the right time has come for a great vacation, in which energy reserves can be refilled. All in all a modest year, but certainly not a bad one!

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The rabbit in the year of the rooster

In 2017 the sensitive rabbit has to struggle most with the fact that in the year of the rooster, many people give opinions without taking the feelings of others into consideration. They feel easily disturbed by hectic, the noisy hustle and bustle. But in this case, they should not hide away. On the contrary: Right now, people like them are needed to smooth ruffled feathers and for their diplomatic skills. Their job is to find a healthy balance between retreat and engagement.

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The dragon in the year of the rooster

The dragon and the rooster have always been a good team. Of course, this will not change in 2017. The passionate and goal-oriented approach of the dragon will be useful. In the area of professional life, gains or the successful conclusion of a project can be expected. There will also be some special highlights in the area of love, but the dragon must take the time to enjoy it!

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The snake in the year of the rooster

In addition to the buffalo, the snake is also a lucky sign in 2017. They can look forward to positive developments in all areas of life. While the year of the monkey certainly did not go entirely smoothly, the starting point for 2017 is quite wonderful. In love, the snake can expect romance, passion, and intimacy. What more could you want? They will also continue to advance professionally, and their efforts and honest hard work will finally be rewarded.

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The horse in the year of the rooster

The horse also forms an excellent team with the rooster. The horse now has the opportunity either to build on existing successes or to finally get started on important foundations for the achievement of their goals. The passionate horse can cope with the hectic activity of a rooster year, but they also have to restrain their temper. Otherwise, they are quickly seduced with too many projects to tackle at the same time. An organized and prudent approach is the key to success.

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The sheep in the year of the rooster

For the harmony-loving sheep, the loud, thumping-around characteristics of the year of the rooster is a bit tiring. It quickly feels under attack and would prefer to be in the background, rather like the rabbit. However, this would be a pity, since 2017 offers the sheep exciting possibilities for new profits. However, these profits should not be spent immediately; it is more important to stop and think about possible opportunities.

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The monkey in the year of the rooster

The monkey should not let himself be carried away too much by the activities of a rooster year. Their prospect of success is rather moderate, and it would be the right time to reflect on family and to spend relaxing and harmonious weeks with their loved ones. However, if a monkey has professional plans that they are reluctant to postpone, they should be particularly prudent about moving forward and should first gauge their possibilities. Otherwise, they run the risk of overestimating their abilities. Also, they should be aware that they will be given nothing for free this year and that they will have to work hard to achieve success. If they stick to it, however, important goals can be achieved!

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The rooster in the year of the rooster

And how will it be for the rooster during "their" year? In general, it is said that strengths are supported, but weaknesses are also made clearer than usual. They tend to get bogged down with lots of plans and they perhaps misjudge their abilities in one task or another. However, the rooster can work hard and consistently, and at the end of the year this will help them exhibit successes. Also, they will receive unexpected, valuable help in 2017, which they should gratefully accept. Within their community, the rooster is now the strongest one. This is also evident in their family life and in love! Everyone should come together and support one another, since there will be special moments of happiness which they carry in their hearts for a long time to come.

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The dog in the year of the rooster

The dog and rooster are usually a moderately good team, sometimes things go great and at other times less so. Accordingly, the year 2017 is characterized by some ups and downs. There is always the possibility for misunderstandings that can very much hurt the dog. Nevertheless, their rational approach helps them to meet the challenges of the year of the rooster securely. They do not let themselves get carried away with unpromising projects, as some others do, and they know how to use their strengths meaningfully. There is also positive news about love. Existing relationships may become more intense, and anyone who has not yet met the partner of their dreams may find great happiness in the coming months.

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The pig in the year of the rooster

Similar to the dog, the pig is in harmony with the rooster only under certain conditions. Nevertheless, from a financial perspective, the pig will get ahead in 2017. Above all, this is due to a friendly nature and strength in communicating. While a fair amount of damage can happen in the year of the rooster, the pig can smooth ruffled feathers and be a peace maker. Nevertheless, barriers continue to be placed in the way, but can always be eliminated with the help of kind people.

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