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Aries and Sagittarians could undergo each of them a pleasant day within their love relationship

Daily horoscope - 15th February 2016
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Aries and Sagittarians could undergo each of them a pleasant day within their love relationship

Daily horoscope - 15th February 2016 Scroll down

Aries and Sagittarians could undergo each of them a pleasant day within their love relationship.

Gemini Moon

15. февраля 2016
moon (→ Gemini) (15:39)
first quarter (08:50)

Time Aspects
02:11 Moon Trine Jupiter
03:14 Moon Opposition Mars
10:50 half moon (Taurus)
13:58 Moon Trine Venus
17:39 Moon → Gemini
21:41 Moon Trine Mercury

Daily aspects

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Daily astrological aspects: 

Crescent moon during the period between 8:46h a.m. - 10:46h a.m. could spell some discord - later in the course of the day this tune may develop to a conciliatory mood. It is caused by the trigon between the moon and Venus during the period from 11:53h a.m - 1:53h p.m. - perhaps a promising constellation for loving relationships... the mood is amiable, gentle and charming. At 3:34h p.m.: the moon enters into the sign of Gemini which releases the effect of being curious and inquisitive towards impressions and further experiences... Between 7:36h p.m. - 9:36h p.m. the climax of the day occurs when finally the moon is connecting with Mercury: Grand apperance of some characteristics like communication, curiosity and open mindedness. Quickness and quick reactions, learning and broadening of the field of visions are standing in the foreground.

midnight - 3:36h p.m.: waxing moon in the sign of Taurus.

3:34h p.m. - midnight: waxing moon in the sign of Gemini.

Advice: hair care, sports, creativity, domestic work and handicraft.    

Birthdays February 15th 2016: 

Galileo Galilei (* 15th February 1564 A.D., Pisa/Italy - † 8th January 1642). Early explorer of natural sciences: astronomy, physics, engineering, natural philosophy and mathematics. He worked as a master at the universities of Pisa and Padua. He became foremost famous for his results of research in the scientific field of kinematics, dynamics, telescopic observational, astronomy and heliocentrism. 

Sir Ernest Shackleton (* 15th February 1874, Kilkea - † 5th January 1928, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands). One of the Explorer of the famous Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration. 

Jane Seymour (15th February 1951, Hayes, Middlesex, England, U.K.). The British American actress became famous as a bond girl on the Bond movie Live and Let Die in 1973. But she continued her career sucessfully during decades... 

Today's Saints: Claude, Georgina, Jordan, Georgia, Efsevios. 



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