Daily horoscope - 25th February 2016

Cancer is adventurous and Aries may give some useful advice.

The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't said.

Peter Drucker) 

Daily aspects

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Moon and sign libra | photo (c) : Subbotina Anna  - stock.adobe.comn

Moon → Libra

1:43 am

When the moon stays in the sign of Libra you are longing for harmony and accordance. Affection and togetherness are centered. You are in a emotional condition and want to share this together with your partner - you are more romantic than usual... Towards new friends you show open-mindedness.

photo: (c) Subbotina Anna - fotolia.com

Mercury (Aquarius) Sextile Saturn (Sagittarius)

10:00 am

Those, who are diligent, are achieving their goals: you have great ambition and you carry out conscientious work. You are level-headed and you use your knowledge. Logic and objectivity: factual correctness and practically reasoned decisions are taken. Difficult endeavour might be succeeded in the end. You apply promising methods and diligence is your companion in these days.

photo: (c) _chupacabra_ - fotolia.com

Moon (Libra) Trine Venus (Aquarius)

11:18 pm

For family life it is preparing promising development and aspects. Prevailing emotional aspects are dominating – modification and adaptability. Out of the blue your heart is joyful - family life and family aspects are significant with the tendency to avoid disputes.

Daily astrological aspects February 25th 2016: 

At 9.05h a.m. begins the most significant aspect for today is the constellation between Mercury and Saturn. Bound for duties which expect utmost attention. The frame of mind is logically inspired and conscientious. After tough working there might be some pleasures interested in you. At 9:17h p.m. starts the trigon of the moon and Venus. It continues until 11:17h p.m. and sets us in accommodating mood and would avoid quarrel and trouble.

Midnight - next midnight: waning moon in the sign of Libra.

Advice: skin- and hair care, doing some sports. Domestic activities.     

Birthdays February 25th 2016: 

Pierre August Renoir (* 25th February 1841, Limoges, Haute-Vienne, France - † 3rd December 1919, Cagnes-sur-Mer, Provence-Alpes-Côte Azur,France). The French painter represents one of the leaders of the artistic style of impressionism. The family Renoir has shown many famous creative persons...

Karl May (* 25th February 1842, Ernstthal, Saxony, Germany - † 30th March 1912, Radebeul, Germany). The famour writer and Author creates the famous and popular literature of the adventures of the American Old West. His well-known protagonists named Winnetou and Old Shatterhand. He wrote equally, but less stories about the Orient and Middle East and even a play and poetry. He was a talented composer of music and played several instruments as well. His literary model inpired many filmmakers and even comic-strip artists. Many actors, in particular Pierre Brice attained world fame by Karl May's adaptions.

Today's Saints: Cesar, Valerio, Roméo, Constanza, Theodora, Theodora