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Capricorn's encouragement is valued & Pisces has a very clear idea about her relationship

Daily horoscope - 30th January 2016
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Capricorn's encouragement is valued & Pisces has a very clear idea about her relationship

Daily horoscope - 30th January 2016 Scroll down

Capricorn's encouragement is valued & Pisces has a very clear idea about her relationship.

Libra Moon

30. января 2016
moon (Libra)
waning gibbous

Time Aspects
02:12 Moon Square Mercury
02:21 Moon Square Pluto
04:36 Moon Opposition Uranus
06:19 Mercury Conjunction Pluto
19:30 Venus Sextile Neptune

Daily aspects

Current timezone: Europe/Moscow, UTC+03:00 change timezone

Todays aspects: 

Mercury forms a conjunction with Pluto that works from 6:53h a.m. and will rest for 3 days. Severe dispute floats above all like a dark cloud and thus be very cautious caused by the real existing accident rate! At 5:46h p.m. By Venus and Neptune arises a sextile for the period of 2 days and gives elegance and shows most tasteful ambience...space for arts and allures.  

Advice: It would be a good moment to clean the house, clearing up love affairs, to do some sports, apply hair care and you could take some time for craft work.  

Famous birthdays:  Franklin Delano Roosevelt (president of the United States †1945); Gene Hackman (actor, *1930); Thomas Tallis  (composer, organist †1505)

Today's Saints: Martina, April, Mathew, Alexander, Felician


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