Daily horoscope - 18th March 2016

Aquarius has a fine sensitivity for new purchase, but Gemini should have a keen eye on finances.


March 18th 2016

Assertiveness, self-assertion are announced for today – this attitude gives courage and makes adventurous. Positive aspects are charisma, open-mindedness and veraciousness.

Daily aspects

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Sun (Pisces) Trine Moon (Cancer)

7:11 am

This lucky constellation spells fortune in general – harmonious togetherness regarding parental care and relationship.

Moon and sign leo | photo: (c) svitlychnaja- stock.adobe.com

Moon → Leo

10:58 am

The Moon in the sign of Leo makes dominance and self-confidence. Leo represents self-portrayal, drama, the stage, and theatre – means external presentation. A fine time for creativity, flirting and pleasure: Leo likes to on the stage and gives roles to others...

Moon Trine Mars | Photo: (c) nicoletaionescu - fotolia.com

Moon (Leo) Trine Mars (Sagittarius)

6:50 pm

The trine gives willpower, courage, convinced actions, activity, clarity, open-mindedness, adventurous spirit and voraciousness.

Birthdays March 18th 2016:

Richard Chamberlain (March 18th 1869, Edgbaston/ Birmingham - November 9th 1940, Heckfield, Hampshire). British politician in office November 5th 1923 - 1940. He holds various positions inter alia he was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from May 1937- May 1940 of the Conservatives. He represented the political attitude of Appeasement, the  political course to avoid conflicts.  

Luc Besson (March 18th 1959, Paris, France) French producer, director and screenwriter who directed action films and films of the science fiction genre like Nikita, The Fifth Element, The Story of Joan of Arc and finally there are more than 50 films he directed... 

Today's Saints: Eduard, Cyrill, Ciril, Eddy, Edward, Sándor, Salvatore, Adelina, Sibylle, Alexander, Naryssa, Anselm