Daily horoscope - 3rd March 2016

Cancer may welcome the day and Pisces should make a decision...

Music should strike fire from the heart of man, and bring tears from the eyes of woman.

Ludwig van Beethoven

Daily aspects

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Venus (Aquarius) Sextile Uranus (Aries)

4:35 am

Persons seem to be receptive and friendly – caused by the influence of Venus and Uranus. Senses are excited and you could run the risk to be ensnared in conflicts. Contacts are made: friendship and connections are becoming bridges…It represents creativity and advanced knowledge. Going outside and outward appearances are attached to.

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Moon (Sagittarius) Sextile Mercury (Aquarius)

5:54 am

Sound judgment, learning aptitude, communicative skills, and repartee are caused by the sextile. The result is obvious to see: Independence and rapid perception, which is practically reflected in open-mindedness.

Moon and sign capricorn | Foto: (c) blackday - stock.adobe.com

Moon → Capricorn

12:58 pm

When the moon is in the sign of Capricorn, we are serious, focused and determined. It is given to approaching sublime goals. Duty calls – personal life comes off badly. Even less time for leisure and pleasure!

Daily astrological aspects:

Serious work in the long term may offer well-deserved success. Therefore it should be maintained a high degree of caution.

Birthdays March 3rd 2016:

Ronan Keating (* March 3rd 1977, Dublin, Ireland) he started his career in 1994 as leadsinger of the Irish group Boyzone.  Kürzlich erschien sein neuestes Album „Time of my Life“. The Musician, songwriter and actor shortly published his new album Time of my Life.  

Jessica Biel (* March 3rd 1982, Ely, Minnesota, U.S.) The actress is married with Justin Timberlake and is mother of their son. 

Today's Saints: Camilla, Camille, Viola, Cornelia, Tiziano, Maryna, Gunborg, Cunegonda