Daily horoscope - 3rd July 2017

Today Leos advice is in great demand and for Virgo teamwork is the key to success.
Daily horoscope July 3rd 2017 | Photo: (c) iiievgeniy - fototlia.com

To fear love is to fear life, and those who fear life are already three parts dead.

Bertrand Russell

Daily aspects

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Sun (Cancer) Trine Moon (Scorpio)

7:51 pm

This lucky constellation spells fortune in general – harmonious togetherness regarding parental care and relationship.

Birthday on July 3rd, 2017:

Tom Cruise (*1962),  Franz Kafka (1883 – 1924), George Sanders (1906 – 1972), Olivia Munn (*1980), Ludivine Sagnier (* 1979)