Daily horoscope - December 2018

The daily horoscopes for December 2018

Your daily horoscopes for December 2018.

Daily horoscope 1st December 2018 | photo: (c) - fotolia.com

1st December Horoscope

Today and tomorrow, Venus will be attacked by Uranus, which will be in opposition to it. Be warned: this could result in critical situations or even the end of an unstable relationship.

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Tageshoroskop 2.12.2018 | Foto: (c) Janus Artwork  -  fotolia.com

2nd December Horoscope

For some of us, Jupiter and the moon will once again send happy times our way today.

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Daily horoscope 3rd December 2018 | photo: © JFL Photography - stock.adobe.com

3rd December Horoscope

Today, there is a Sun and Mars fight. That means aggression is in the air. But don't get mad.

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daily horoscope 4th December 2018 | photo: (c) Bomenius -  fotolia.com

4th December Horoscope

Saint Barbara's day. The moon will be enjoying three positive connections today.

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Daily horoscope 5th December 2018 | photo: (c) saschanti -  fotolia.com

5th December Horoscope

The square that will be formed between the sun and Neptune late in the evening could be confusing for some of us, causing us to tell lies, act immorally, or tend towards self-indulgence.

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Daily horoscope 6th December 2018 | photo: (c)  Alexander Raths - fotolia.com

6th December Horoscope

Today is Saint Nicholas Day! The moon will move into Sagittarius this morning, once again turning our focus towards sports, animals, religion, philosophy, and higher ideals.

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daily horoscope 7th December 2018 | photo: (c) KYNA STUDIO - fotolia.com

7th December Horoscope

The conjunction between Mars and Neptune may weaken our wills and make us unsatisfied.

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Daily horoscope 8th December 2018 | photo: © magdal3na - stock.adobe.com

8th December Horoscope

The moon will enter Capricorn around noon, which will once again activate our practical skills.

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Daily horoscope 9th December 2018 | photo: (c) srongkrod - fotolia.com

9th December Horoscope

We will once again be receiving positive energy from the moon as it enters into a beneficial position with Neptune and Mars.

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Daily horoscope 10th December 2018 | photo: (c) eyetronic - fotolia.com

10th December Horoscope

9:00 this evening will be an excellent time for communication, and we should use this period for both private and business-related interests.

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Daily horoscope 11th December 2018 | photo: (c) yda Productions - fotolia.com

11th December Horoscope

Luck may come back to you today, primarily between 3:33 and 5:33 PM, although it may also come before or after this time.

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Daily horoscope 12th december 2018| photo: (c) Kushnirov Avraham - fotolia.com

12th December Horoscope

Early yesterday, the moon entered the sign Aquarius. This is a good time to show brotherly affection.

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Daily horoscope 13th December 2018 | photo: (c) Tomsickova

13th December Horoscope

Mercury will enter Sagittarius today, and our intellectual interests will push us towards idealism if our character is already predisposed to it.

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Daily horoscope 14th December 2018 | photo: (c) mallredgirl - fotolia.com

14th December Horoscope

We will continue to feel the impacts of the new position of the moon in pisces now.

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Daily horoscope 15th December 2018 | photo: (c) AboutLife - fotolia.com

15th December Horoscope

The moon in Pisces makes us aware of the finite nature of our earthly existence.

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Daily horoscope 16th December 2018 | photo: (c) YakobchukOlena - fotolia.com

16th December Horoscope

he moon will enter Aries today and make us more active over the next 2 and a half days.

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Daily horoscope 17th December 2018 | photo: (c) Floydine - fotolia.com

17th December Horoscope

Anyone who has been wanting to finish an important project for a long time will find this the right time to do so.

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daily horoscope 18th December 2018 | photo: (c) Mariana - fotolia.com

18th December Horoscope

The moon in Taurus will make us more conservative, opinionated, and sensual.

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Daily horoscope 19th December 2018 | photo: (c) Kzenon - fotolia.com

19th December Horoscope

The moon will enter into positive relationships with Saturn, Neptune and Pluto today.

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Daily horoscope 20th december 2018 | photo: (c) Kittiphan

20th December Horoscope

The next two and a half days will be a good time to hike and travel, as well as to visit friends and family.

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Daily horoscope 21st December 2018 | photo: (c) byrdyak  - fotolia.com

21st December Horoscope

Today you could enjoy financial success or receive recognition, a promotion, or access to a higher status position.

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Daily horoscope 22nd December 2018 | photo: (c)  julijacernjaka  - stock.adobe.com

22nd December Horoscope

Many of us will feel an affinity for water or an interest in sea voyages after 5:27 PM today. And it is a full moon in zodiac sign cancer!

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Daily horoscope 23rd December 2018 | photo: (c)  ksfotodesign - fotolia.com

23rd December Horoscope

One day before Christmas, the moon in conjunction with Neptune and Venus will send us plenty of love and affection.

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daily horoscope 24th December 2018 | (c) JenkoAtaman - fotolia.com

24th December Horoscope

The moon will enter Leo. This is great timing, as this is the perfect time for fun, creativity, and enjoyment.

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Daily horoscope 25th December 2018 | photo: (c) Vasyl - fotolia.com

25th December Horoscope

Mercury will enter a tense relationship with Neptune today, so this is a good time to figure out if anything is out of place in our lives.

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Daily horoscope December 26th 2018 | Photo: (c) deagreez -  fotolia.com

26th December Horoscope

A positive connection between the moon and Uranus will impact you throughout the day.

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Daily horoscope 27th December 2018 | photo: (c) CURAphotography  - fotolia.com

27th December Horoscope

The planets will make us aware of our obligations, which might not always be pleasant today.

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Daily horoscope 28th December 2018 | photo: (c) schulzfoto - fotolia.com

28th December Horoscope

The moon will enter Libra for the next two and a half days, which will make many of us yearn for love.

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Daily horoscope 29th December 2018 | photo: (c)  Olesya Shelomova - fotolia.com

29th December Horoscope

We will once again see a lucky constellation this evening after 5:00 PM, which is sure to please many of us.

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daily horoscope 30th December 2018 | photo: (c) kozorog - fotolia.com

30th December Horoscope

Venus will dominate our lives today.

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Daily horoscope 31st December 2018 | photo: (c)  Artem Varnitsin - fotolia.com

31st December Horoscope

Today it's New Year's Eve. The moon will enter Scorpio on this New Year’s Eve, so many of us will feel our passions heating up!

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