Pisces Weekly Horoscope week 25

These are the stars for the zodiac sign Pisces this week

Love and partnership


You have a blissful time with your lover and experience wonderfully idyllic moments.

You're getting a lot of positive feedback from those that you care about most; you're friendly and relaxed manner is valued by everyone, which helps you strengthen your existing relationships or revive long standing acquaintances; you've been considering, especially romantic ones.

Working life


Concerning your job you're tremendously positive and successful.

Therefore, you shouldn't be surprised if you get a generous offer and with it improve your career advancement. Whatever you do, be cooperative and try to help your colleagues where and whenever you can. There is no need to be concerned about competition right now that your star is in the ascendancy!



You feel absolutely comfortable with your body image and have great health.

You appreciate that now you're finally able to wind down and take a long deep breath, feeling totally relaxed at last. Physical exercise currently brings you a lot of pleasure. You should try to take part in a team sport; in this way you'll be able to motivate others as well enjoy their company.

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