Taurus Weekly Horoscope week 13

These are the stars for the zodiac sign Taurus this week

Love and partnership


Take note, it's important under present circumstances, to try and avoid disagreements with your lover.

You're advised to rethink your position - one more time – to be on the safe side! Accusations made in haste and heated discussions lead to unnecessary stress that swamps your partner. Be gentle with your lover and yourself and importantly remain objective and fair!

Working life


Full of life you're able to master the tasks with drive and determination, which brings brilliant results.

Sometimes you don't know what to do with all your energy. You rush headfirst into projects, which in the end you're not able to follow through with. You should concentrate on using your potential in a suitable way. Otherwise you'll achieve less than you're capable of!



Physical exercise puts all your energy into play and diminishes tensions!

Get any frustration off your mind by taking a walk or a run! In no time at all you'll still continue to work and be goal oriented, but in additionally you'll be more self-assured and content. There'll be a knock on effects too, especially if you involve your partner. Make good use of your time together!

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