Annual Horoscope 2016 Zodiac Sign Aries | Photo: (c) Richard Collens -

2016 Aries Horoscope

good opportunities in love and profession, accompanied by zest for life and energy - what else do you expect?

Annual Horoscope 2016 Zodiac Sign Aries | Photo: (c) Richard Collens -

2016 Aries Horoscope

good opportunities in love and profession, accompanied by zest for life and energy - what else do you expect?

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2016 Aries Horoscope

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The Martian year will start by lots of love for Aries. With regard to career in February there will be good opportunities in professional life supported by Mercury. Already in April Aries experience a month of comfort and wellness. Your birthday comes along with lots of sunshine and light! Your motto is: Enjoy life at its best!    

January 2016 – strengthened entering the New Year

Venus blessed Aries at the beginning of the year. This is a great pleasure and it will have a long lasting effect. Even the season is not really inviting and cold Venus will rest until 23th of   January. This means love and warmth - as you know yet.

Take your time for useful things!

Your professional situation is rather difficult. Mercury is declining and is in square position from 5th of January. Staying power is required. In your career big leaps cannot be made. Routine requires staying power but this period is followed by a very quiet phase. Calm time will come now and then. It would be useful preparing personal skills and form your development. Better times will be coming soon and this will happen mid-February. What you need is patience – although this is not a welcome word. The sun is in square until 20th January. Rampant energy could lead to outburst of fury. Sports would offer a good opportunity to give your energy a well-behaved frame. However, Saturn in Sagittarius helps to gain staying power and endeavour - thanks Saturn. 

February 2016 – succeed in business

January starts this way - and from 13th February for Aries starting prosperous opportunities in business. Mercury will have an effect on business and offers best communication in every sector. For people who are young at heart it would be easy to write diary or their biography.

Mercury helps to communicate

Experiences with regard to love will not happen until 17th February – Venus is not pleased. For heaven’s sake this does not stay for long because such development is frustrating. Sun supports Aries and helps against melancholy. From 19th February sun to be found in sextile and makes Aries positive and optimistic, however. Saturn in trigon promises strength and reliability. This energy should be used for professional advancement.     

March 2016 – professional success

In March Aries will burst with strength – full of energy Mars enters on 6th Sagittarius by a pleasant and beneficial trigon effect that will be perceptible. A month full of strength and endurance. It becomes clear that March presents the significant highlight of the year which will continue in April. 

With inspiration and courage…

On 22nd March Mercury will enter his own sign just for a short time until 6th April. Within the following fortnight Aries can make everything possible – those who are prepared enough will gain what they intend to get. Aries should focus his goals that will be succeeded in. With the focus on love there will be favourable conditions as well. In March including 12th Venus is in sextile conjunction – a great constellation, but after this period, the enthusiasm will fade away. However, the particular effect will remain. From 21st Aries’ birthday period starts and energy and joy will return augmented to them. It will be great month for Aries. 

April 2016 – joy, vitality and optimism

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Birthday pleasures

April will continue with good conditions that will have started in March. This month will be Aries high time and it will be their party! The sun prefers all born under Aries skies and provides vitality, joy of life optimism and confidence. This period still could go on during the whole year. The constellation of the planets Mars, Saturn and Mercury is promising – and in particular: Venus. On 5th April Venus enters her own sphere and there she will stay until the end of the month – this cumulates in a great expression of love in 2016.      

Anything goes in love matters!

In 2016 will happen a lot of romance – be sure - but in April there will be the emotional highlight! Anything goes is the motto and Aries could find his soul mate, if he should not have found him yet. In case of having found him yet there will happen a great time of fantastic togetherness – full of joy and pleasure. In professional life as well there will appear lots of excellent inspiring opportunities. March and April provides fantastic chances and opportunities. Aries could be joyful and they will be strong and courageous.  

May 2016- Saturn will promise continuity

In the month of May springtime shows its best side at all – with regard to this all people should sense a spirit of beneficial effects. Astrological influence for Aries is satisfying. Although without any highlight there will be no reason to complain – there will be no more expectations.

No square in sight!

Periods will be changing – and this will be fine. In this month there is no square what means harmony and pleasant times. No squares of the mentioned planets: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. But the effect of these constellations will end at the end of the month. Venus’ influence will become strong again- with an average stay, but positive. From 24th of May the influence of sextile will have significant implication – therefore love life would be revitalized – fitting to the merry month of May!      

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New spirit for love...

Convenience in the merry month of May

Saturn represents continuity – pleasant for Aries. It should be mentioned that the influence of Saturn is regressive from 26th March and it will be working for months. This means that Aries should make up leeway and stabilize their future. Maybe you have any idea yet what this could be? If not, Saturn will frame an answer. 

June 2016 - exciting early summer

In professional life there will be appealing opportunities. Until mid-June there will mediocre opportunities, from 13th June they improve and Mercury innovates, but with regard to love matters Aries could be satisfied. Venus will appear on the horizon again but it will not last for the whole month unfortunately.   

Venus will retire temporary…

The influence of Venus will be ending from 17th June and will rest until 12th July. This state remains for long time – almost a whole month. Sexuality is just experienced and not really joyful, if it happens at all. There is only reduced interest in love matters. Why should it happen this way? Maybe we can sense her influence anew? Those, who are going to plan romantic holidays will surely be disappointed. After 12th July there will be better days.          

Lack of romantic feelings

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Take a moment to think through...

Those, who are the lucky ones that can choose, should make another decision. With consideration of the sun’ constellation Aries will be neglected from the 21st of June – square represents disharmonious interactions. The sun is considered as the planet of life’s energy and vitality and when he is absent there is an obvious lack of these attributes. Under these circumstances regressive Saturn helps Aries and supports continuity.  The sooner the better you recognize, your improvement works.  

July 2016- everything changes

Half the month will pass quite disharmonious.  Aspects of love and profession are ponderous. It will take time and energy to reach the point which Aries intends to gain. There will be lots of struggle and work but finally these are the times where Aries could prove his qualities towards his characteristic strength. So what is going on?       

© JenkoAtaman -

Everything changes and new experiences...

A strong phase for the second half of the month  

The sun stands in the square until 21st July. Mercury stands in the square as well until 14th July and Venus up to 12th July. These constellations represent a time of hostility and contradictions but Aries will be resisting and will make a response by strong internal growth – admirable! But former hostility turns into friendship for at least. The trigon forms a new harmonious interaction that will be faithful and will support Aries in the end.            

From now on it’s all plain sailing!

The sense of well-being will return by the sun and there will appear favourable professional opportunities. Blooming love will be shown; and finally Saturn – the fourth planet – supports Aries. Who makes enough efforts and entirely action will gain his aims. This is representing the highlight of the year and then the time to harvest and enjoy will have come!     

August 2016 - a sense of happiness

Mainly in midsummer there will be happy days! Aries actually will enjoy being spoiled. This phase will rest although Mercury is entering in the sign of Virgo. Business as it usually happens. No support but also no restriction – in this case it means no remarkable incidents. Venus makes it agreeable and finally there will be a phase of romance up to 5th August. Afterwards quiet times will arrive soon.    

The sun gives you wings of joy

The sun is to be seen at the height and gives Aries joy of life and a sense of happiness. Summer is here to stay and Aries could fly on wings of joy! Saturn supports and offers the direct opportunity to process deficits. There is still a trigon constellation, but Mars comes next and from 2nd August Mars enters into Sagittarius therewith another trigon supports Aries from now on. It’s magnificient! Such a beautiful year will not return very rapidly. The popular motto knows how to enjoy life!      

September 2016 – unlimited energy

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Beautiful autumn

Caused by the regressiveness of Mars which will rest from 30th August up to 22nd September Aries should be precautious. Suspicion when concluding contracts and read exactly what is to be signed! Furthermore Aries should have a keen eye to complaints processing. By the beginning of the direct influence on 22nd September the status of the usual business and negotiations continues consequently.                                           

Full of energy and in the best of health!

The energy of Mars with a presumed significant influence from 1st to 27th September so Aries could pull out trees! Actually some of you will do this, however, Saturn is persistent and supports Aries deeds and helps to bring him some lasting values. On the whole September will be give satisfactory results.       

October 2016 – pursuit of happiness

The sun is in Libra and in opposition to Aries up to 22nd October what means that some conflicts become obvious. From 7th October Mercury enters in Libra and Jupiter has his particular influence during the whole month – which works as an auspicious conjunction. The astrological constellation manifested conflicts and Aries is getting into difficulties – expect the unexpected. For special procedures find extraordinary solutions.   

Aries will be surprised in October!

© Eric Gevaert -

Beautiful autumn

Unexpected occasions could actually happen – first of all in commercial sector. Be surprised! It would be fine, if something unexpected would happen that will bring you fortune! The stars still remain a mysterious – but there is nothing to blame – it represents an admirable topic. Is it God or is it more? In the end it is much more – it can be much more incomprehensible and inconceivable. – Aries would have been stabilized by Saturn and for it he should have thanked. Wish you good luck!

November 2016 -  promising stars of love

Venus enters in Sagittarius from 18th October to 12th November and with that Aries gains a magnificient position and a most agreeable period. Love life becomes more intensive.

Happiness of love for singles

Singles that are in search of a partner could use a keen eye to meet someone now!

They would be succeeded in – old lovers as well could experience a renewal of their love and togetherness. With regard to profession new impetus will work and this period will stay until 12th November. Mars prepares a fabulous position and by this impetus Aries is spoiled and pleased again after a phase of absence. From 27th September up to 9th November is formed a square which makes Aries prone to disease. Then Mars enters into the sign of Aquarius and offers a prosperous period for Aries. Sequentially the drive will return and will stay for a while. What else has to be expected? Saturn stabilizes Aries in a pleasing manner.                

December 2016 - pleasing end of the year

enters a regressive phase and so be prudent! You should not be credulous, be careful! Avoid mistakes and be grateful with Saturn at your side. Ongoing process of stabilization in continuity will accompany Aries furthermore. This influence will be obvious.     

At the end of the year Venus is gracious

At the very end of the year arrives a promising response from Venus. Its beginning is 7th December in the sign of Aquarius and forms a sextile that will pause until the end of the year. In the advent season, during Christmas time and frantic and turbulent turns of the year Venus will be support Aries and will be with him and gives him an amiable appearance despite impetuous nature.

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