Annual Horoscope 2016 Zodiac Sign Capricorn (c) Stefan Arendt / Fotolia

2016 Capricorn Horoscope

Many things happen in 2016: At the beginning of the year Venus becomes a dominating part – at the end of the year Mars dominates.

Annual Horoscope 2016 Zodiac Sign Capricorn (c) Stefan Arendt / Fotolia

2016 Capricorn Horoscope

Many things happen in 2016: At the beginning of the year Venus becomes a dominating part – at the end of the year Mars dominates.

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2016 Capricorn Horoscope

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Capricorn experience intensively her first passionate phase of premature spring fever in 2016. Lucky Jupiter patronise Capricorn almost the first nine months of the year – Mars will send a large amount of energy until November.

January 2016 – a marvellous beginning of the year

Mercury has entered in the sign of Capricorn in December of 2015, which performs ideal conditions for negotiations. From 5th January Mercury is regressive which means to proceed with the utmost caution. The god of merchant could change easily to the god of thieves. Be aware of your goods and riches – have a keen eye for your possessions. Be cautious with business transactions, contract negotiations and special offers – have a close look at all that matters. The regressive phase of Mercury is finished on 25th January – after business runs as usual and the time is particular suitable for successful transaction.

Venus stays in the sign of Capricorn.

Venus first enters in the sign of Sagittarius and caused by this this period represents a tranquil and calm atmosphere without any challenges – but this could change immediately. On 23rd January Venus enters into the sign of Capricorn – thus an emotional high spot is performed. It is still deepest winter but old lovers experience the tender touch of approaching spring. Capricorn would be well-advised to take the active part. Now there are existing good opportunities - maybe Capricorn meets her new partner for a life time. Therefore go outside and partying! Dear Capricorn:  maybe you are expected now… your soul mate might be pleased to meet you right now! Good luck!

Profound knowledge thanks to Jupiter’ assistance.

Some good news from Jupiter: his assistance is attended by a pleasant trigon - it brings finally almost the first nine months of the year a welcoming present. Jupiter is the so-called lucky Jupiter – his sphere represents the sublime ideals. If you are inspired by religion, philosophy and higher education you will achieve profound knowledge. If you are involved in legal disputes it could happen to obtain justice. A helpful hand or advice is passed – on the medical sector you could be confronted with a doctor that gives you the inquired response - or you improve a diet. If you are involved in a healing or recovery process, this process will be accelerated. Those examples could be continued. When you intend to go on a journey you will be confronted with knowledge, maybe you undergo a radical change of your point of view towards various customs – unexpected presents and discoveries could be made. Jupiter could even provide your lottery prize - if you desired. The sky’s the limit. However, thanks to Jupiter and his formidable presents!

February 2016 – a delightful month

Mercury stays in Capricorn until 13th February  and by the way on professional level it might be said the sky’s the limit. Afterwards still there is no doubt about it - a period without hesitation and disturbance. Venus introduces herself in top form and gives her fabulous influence on Capricorn – valid is still: the sky’s the limit and those high spots continue on with her grace until 17th February. Those, who intend to initiate the obligation of a close relationship, might be successful.

A slice of life occurs without hesitation and disturbance.

On professional level it still continues on without any disturbance. Since 3rd January Mars stays in the sign of Scorpio and sends out a clear message: vigour and vitality is given now to Capricorn - daily tasks and ambitious projects are carried out with a sufficient amount of energy…Capricorn receives latest news from Jupiter – Jupiter presents graciously what defines him. Thanks to Jupiter and all other planets that appropriate higher powers. What a fabulous month!

March 2016 – beautiful time for romance

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Relaxing time...

Mainly a fine time on professional level throughout the month – hence it is brought lots of joy and confidence. After 5th March Mercury stays in the sign of Aquarius, this spells out a time without unwanted interruptions. It is followed by a period in the sign of Pisces and another sextile is introduced, which brings always appealing opportunities.

Capricorn is susceptible to incorrect decisions!        

This sextile continues between 5th to 22 March. Then its beneficial influence has passed when another square appears. It spells susceptibility to errors. Generally the square has a strong effect on Capricorn, which causes difficulties and obstructions. This period rests until 6th April. For love matters it still looks favourable this month. Venus remains in the sign of Aquarius, which represents a calm period with regard to love matters – Capricorn could be satisfied. Most Capricorns would have spent passionate times full of romance. On 12th March Venus enters into the sign of Pisces. .A beneficial sextile now has entered and furthermore some pleasant time for romance reappears. Mars is now leaving - and with it its strong influence on Capricorn, Mars changes to the other zodiac signs. But the rest is still a proud result – visible and perceptible. Now we are coming to Jupiter, which has many presents to give. Jupiter is beneficial towards Capricorn and brings now them all its presents.

April 2016 – reliable Jupiter

Unfavourable developments are finished on 5th April when the square disappears by the leaving of Mercury, but Taurus appears on stage and suddenly another trigon reappears. Best conditions to generate your business plans. Venus put obstacles in Capricorn’s way. Until 4th April passes a fine time, but then Venus enters into the sign of Aries and the unpleasant square now arises.

Venus puts obstacles in Capricorns way.

Under the circumstances love is put on the back burner - nothing else is held in prospect. But, however, in April no higher emotional level might be expected – cooling off within the still cold season. But, however, it is still the period to think about emotional matters and it should be tried to perceive little thing of love and affection. Venus is not amused – she is withdrawing into a sulk – and Capricorn gets to know! That’s the consequence when Venus shows its capriciousness. On the 30th April this period might pass away and Venus shows its charming side once again. Jupiter is still reliable. Jupiter is faithful at her side – he offers his assistance as much as he can. Heartfelt thanks to Jupiter!     


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May you come along with: Joy, fortune, confidence, courage and vigor! 

May 2016- take care with financial decisions

In May Capricorn can feel the regression of Mercury, which starts on 28th April. The god of merchant could change easily to the god of thieves.  As it already mentioned, follow that advice and nothing bad might be happen to you. If there should have been made some mistakes in the past, now the time has come to correct them - under quite difficult circumstances. In May Mercury enters in the sign of Taurus, but in general regressiveness of a planet makes impatient and could spoil the party. On 22nd May restarts a phase of direct motion, which continues on and work could be done easily.

This is the month of romance…

Enjoy the merry month of May – it lives up to its name Venus with the trigon effect creates a fantastic time for romance – just take it over… Jupiter is involved as well – its influence reinforces many magnificient experiences.

June 2016 – time for career

Fine results and conditions are on stage and this program continues on as long as the beneficial trigon works… until 12th June. After Mercury enters into the sign of Gemini and a neutral position is spelt, but ideal for salutary lessons. 

Venus is rejecting towards graciousness…

When Venus enters into the sign of Gemini follows a neutral position – accompanied by tranquil emotion, but intensity of affection. On 17th June Venus enters into the sign of Cancer and this means an opposition for Capricorn – it seems to be a period of disenchantments. Instead of warm-hearted feelings sarcasm is offered. Now it is an unfavourable for financial provisions and financial arrangements. Envy and jealousy appear on stage. Health disorders are in the focus. Capricorn might be elated when this opposition is finished on the 12th July – for a rather long time.

Capricorn is tough and tenacious!

Mars is fully back again – thus it gives generally vigorous energy all month long - Jupiter assists equally. Jupiter gives the only assistance during the phase of Venus’ opposition. Capricorn is tough, but she is able to accept smooth running.

July 2016 – positive tendency

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Successful development! 

The opposition of Mercury stays until 14th July after it changes into the sign of Leo and its opposition is now finished – working could continue as usual. On love matters it is the same matter: the opposition is finished on 12th July when Venus enters into the sign of Leo.

Normalization on emotional level

Difficulties are passing soon – if this should have happened. Some fine characters are smart enough to hide their worried faces…, but most of them feel different. Mars’ energy is resting in the sign of Scorpio all month long - heartfelt thanks to it. Mars is at Capricorns’ side and gives a lot of energy and vigour- thanks a lot! With secret confidence and cordiality!

August 2016 – highly motivated and committed

On 30th July Mercury enters into the sign of Virgo and thus the harmony of the following trigon makes noticeable improvement obvious. Get succeed now! Those, who agree with all that might gain success and would be rewarded. This trigon remains until 30th August – supplemented by some minor blemishes.

Peak period on professional level 

Between 30th July and 30th August, a prosperous climate for negotiations actually happens. Those who would like to campaign might be successful after all. On love maters as well begins the promising phase of the year when finally the trigon reappears on stage again. The trigon remains until 30th August, but later enjoyable times continue on. Mars is leaving on 2nd August and from now on it gives its support to other zodiac signs.

Benefactor Jupiter accompanies Capricorn.

Jupiter is on stage as one of the benefactors for Capricorn But at the end of the month it changes to the next zodiac sign. But finally cordial thanks!

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One fine month... 

September 2016 – good bye Jupiter!

Mercury’s regression begins on 30th August and continues until 22nd September. Mercury is still in the sign of Virgo and this spells prosperity - a beneficial trigon is now working. During a phase of regression you should always have a keen eye on business matters. Take no risks! As already mentioned before, follow the advice and then some fine results could be achieved.

Take no risks!

Regressive phases are risky times with defying calculations - correct now your mistake of the past – it’s too late to complain. Correcting mistakes is annoying. The direct motion of Mercury starts on 22nd September and the situation is transferred into normal programs… Mercury remains still in top position until 7th October.

Love is kept on back burner…

Concerning love matters and romance as well. On 30th August Venus enters in the sign of Libra which means a square is created. Love on the back burner – following the general tendency…Venus is not amused – she is withdrawing into a sulk – and Capricorn gets to know! Only after 23rd September when Venus enters into the sign of Capricorn a fine sextile makes things easier and an amicable ambience becomes perceptible. Until 9th September Jupiter has no effect on the sign of Capricorn – the phase of the trigon is over and it will take time until it returns. Cordial thanks to it for all that!  

October 2016 – strong Mars 

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A forceful month has come...

Fine days for professional work keeps on until 7th October therefore Mercury enters into the sign of Libra and forms a square, which arises difficulties and quarrel. In all probability an expected pay rise is not announced and: it is not the time to do now some changes. This period rests until 24th October. A rather promising time for romance and love matters… Venus remains in the sign of Scorpio and thus the sextile accompanies Capricorn – with kindness and grace.

The time for calm and tender love has come…

On 18th Venus enters in the sign of Sagittarius and the current sextile is vanished – with regard to love and romance comes a harmonious phase full of tenderness in tranquility. Mars enters into the sign of Capricorn and brings power to her – seems to pull out trees, but do not overestimate your power. On professional level you could always need strength and stamina. This is a month full of energy for Capricorn.

November 2016 – Venus shines bright

There are good working conditions until 12th November caused by the sextile, which brings on such prosperous influence. Later mercury enters into the sign of Sagittarius, which is well suited for work. Best news is released by Venus... Venus enters into the sign of Capricorn and therefore Capricorn is preferred. Some marvellous moments of romance happen!

©Eugenio Marongiu -

A new chance for love is given...

Maybe meet your soul mate or lifetime partner

The sky’s the limit. The new partner could be found when start looking for someone. For old lovers it could be offered a chance to mutual awareness once again – maybe unexpectedly. Warm and tender romance within cold season. Mars’ power is not yet effective – after 9th November Mars enters into the sign of Aquarius and brings its energy and glory to other zodiac signs. Thanks to Mars and thanks a lot to Venus.

December 2016 – Mercury on stage

On 2nd December Mercury enters into the sign of Capricorn and stays there until the end of the month. Top time on business and profession - best results and solutions can be expected and will now proudly be presented. Those, who agree with success, would be rewarded…For those, who wouldn't like to depend on the Christ Child, might equally count on self-reliance.

Play safe!

After 19th December On 19th December - for the 4th time this year- Mercury starts again its regressive phase staying until 8th January and hence, the rule of cautiousness is necessary. No risks, but play safe is the motto during these days. Dear Capricorn, have a keen eye on business matters. Until 7th December Venus structures the beneficial sextile – and is totally in love - after 7th December Venus enters into the sign of Aquarius, which spells cooling down, but tenderness  being in retired nature is almost fine some days. As far as Venus would be concerned it could happen furthermore this way – throughout the Christmas season. Although the turn of the year happens loudly, but Capricorn would like decide to celebrate rather in repose – in a reserved way. But it doesn’t matter, which way to celebrate: at priority level the turn of the year is coming soon…

Furthermore and by the way, Mars brings on vigour

It is left to be said that Mars brings on a lot of energy and reinforces its support for Capricorn. Mars sends vigour – it is beneficial to manage and master the stressful side effects during Christmas season – reply with another cordial thanks. Thanks to Mars!

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