Zodiac Sign Taurus | Photo: (c) motorradcbr - Fotolia.com

2016 Taurus Horoscope

First the sun has Jupiter at his side and later in the course of the year the influence of Mars becomes obvious. 

Zodiac Sign Taurus | Photo: (c) motorradcbr - Fotolia.com

2016 Taurus Horoscope

First the sun has Jupiter at his side and later in the course of the year the influence of Mars becomes obvious. 

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2016 Taurus Horoscope

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Taurus can be pleased about the beginning of the year 2016. Jupiter the generous planet – he represents wealth and wisdom. It will bring moments of happiness and turbulent times!  

January 2016 – a beautiful beginning 

For Taurus the year starts leisurely. The sun is kind therefore he will have entered Aries and he gives an optimistic point of view full of joy and high spirit. With regard to profession it means to be adapted because Mercury becomes regressive – so be careful with any contracts and do not be mistaken!  

Give a high degree of attentiveness – the God of thieves comes along…

Most of all regressiveness is working now! Be prudent, act with care because in such times the planet will be a planet of thieves! It works until 25th January. Mercury will have entered Aries and so he will be kind. It will be a fine constellation to carry on business. Those who effort will be succeeded in life! Venus is at her side nothing really matters but it will be alright. There will be no trouble with partners and most of all there will be a quiet time to all intents and purposes.             

Jupiter bless you!

Last but not least Jupiter is calling: there will be fortune and moments of happiness – for quite a long time. Be aware of these moments! All in all a promising beginning of the new year.

February 2016 – good chances for lovers

Venus will have left Sagittarius on 23th January and will enter Aries – by the way she might become more passionate and you will be affected. If you are in search of a new partner you could be successful but have a good look around it might not be easy. From 13th February there will be good professional opportunities. Later on Mercury enters in Aquarius that represents a square – square always means negative aspects: during this period of time nothing really works well but there is nothing to blame - it is just the way it is.                

Be amazed by the spirit of Jupiter!  

From 5th March there will be the time to set sails again! On professional level Jupiter supports. Little things bring it on! And maybe it’s prosperous – be surprised…

March 2016 – good chances, good opportunities in professional life

On 5th March Mercury enters in Pisces and this will promises a great time for Taurus. Lost time could be caught up and Taurus succeeded in getting good results! From 12th March Venus forms a square to Taurus and this will represent a period without passion, however, there is nothing left to do… no time for passion and enjoyment – nothing seems to light up your mind – good times have been passed long ago...

Keep a diary and note of Jupiter’s gifts!

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Start using a jupiter diary.

Be glad when the times are changing!

April 2016 – good times for transactions

On 6th April Mercury enters in his own sign Taurus that means that signs support Taurus at its best. With regard to business matters April is prosperous almost to the end of the month. From 28th April a lot develops promising. On the horizon will appear professional opportunities – use them for applications! Herewith it starts a phase of intensive movement in an easy going way!

Best opportunity for a pay rise!

Now arrives the moment for a pay rise, try! Do not miss it. Concerning love matters: pleasant time. From 5th April there will start a period of tranquility. Jupiter is on his way – that works notably for your demanded pay rise. Dear Taurus, you will be supported most certainly. April will be an excellent month for Taurus – believe – and in retrospective one day you will admit.               

May 2016 - Romantic particular highlights

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Success on career...

Mercury is still in Taurus but it starts a regressive phase from 28th April to 22nd May – with regard to professional development Taurus could be confronted with a difficulties. The useful advice: be very prudent towards contractual agreements. It won’t be easy to find the desired determination. Finally it should be communicated that you have to make your choice precisely!     

Prepare a financial buffer!

Prosperous period continues until 12th June. It still continues on, but without this particular intensity. Decide to make your choice and then prepare your personal financial buffer. Taurus is ambitioned and will make the best of it. Venus returns again and offers romance. From 30th April to 24th May Taurus enters in her own sign and will stay there for over three weeks, this is a quite long time. Concerning love matters: this will be the perfect time to find your soul mate, Taurus – with the sun at your side!      

Taurus is led by the path to happiness…

May and April are fantastic months for Taurus this year! The year is full of pleasing moments. Jupiter makes it! Those, who are the lucky, belong together – it is the perfect moment to say thank you.           

© Monkey Business - fotolia.com

Amazing moments of affection

June 2016 – thank Jupiter

The perfect high spots fade away and life resumes its regular course. Mercury stays in Taurus to 12th June to 29th June. From mid-June to mid-July Venus retires and sulks – for those, who can be diplomatic and consolidated there is no problem to stand this period. But who is able to act this way?   

© Mariusz Blach - fotolia.com

Delightful rose...

Beneficial effect by Jupiter

Jupiter is reliable and promises pleasure. He pays attention to Taurus and this is his gift! For example: during any journey Taurus is confronted with little but profound things that please her – expressions and impressions of kindness and knowledge. In consideration with the education sector and nature: maybe the deep moment when a rose blossoms out. Confidence towards health is confirmed. Jupiter works in juridical affairs and delivers justice as well. Finally, our deep gratitude Jupiter!       

July 2016 – a month with alternating faces

A prosperous sextile prepares a good financial and lucrative period. Mercury works from mid-June until mid-July. Make your decisions! From mid-June until the end of the month new facets impacts and with a square in your sign always trouble and difficulties appear! The end of July shows Taurus new drive: mercury enters Virgo and so they join a trigon. Venus enters in the zodiac sign of Cancer on 17th June and feels in love… at least to 12th July. Following by Leo – what means bad news…   

Prove yourself worthy in daily challenge…

When square rules lovers find themselves in a difficult situation and they are strongly confronted with serious estimation. They should set a high value on the fact that just now it would be easy to hurt each other. But - on the other hand it shows how deep and profound their affection is. During summertime the perceptible support by Jupiter there is always to find and Taurus appreciates.   

August 2016 – successfully in love and career

On 30th July Mercury enters Virgo and Taurus gains a promising position. Remain successful until the end of August. After leaving Mercury lose his power and with this tangible change Taurus must be prudent. It is a phase that shows helpless subjection to the circumstances around her: It is dissipated energy and no solution to keep from it.    

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Vacation, holidays and romance - what else do you longing for? 

Preferring: to go on holidays/ vacation and find romance…

Venus gives better advice: from 5th August to the end of the month Taurus find romance and great pleasure! Now this would be the perfect time to take a vacation/ to go on holiday! What else should be done? Make your day, make your holiday: you won’t regret. Jupiter again does his best and Taurus does not deny. With the end of August he leaves his significant position and other signs are getting his beneficial affection. Once again: send an appropriate gratitude!

September 2016- approach with caution

Mercury is regressive. It takes time until 22nd September. God of merchants turns towards the god of thieves. Be cautious and keep an eye on what is essential and what things are worth! From 22nd September this exhausting period ends and it returns a period when things work as usual. Mercury is still in the sign of Virgo so business as usual is still lucrative and satisfying. 

Tranquility and romance, sincere thanks Venus! 

Taurus is satisfied by Venus. She will have entered Libra and will have an appreciable and soft influence on Taurus. It is a time of tranquility and silent love. On 23rd Libra enters in the sign of Scorpio and so the influence becomes stronger; Jupiter remains in his beneficial position until 9th September. After he will leave the sign of Taurus and turns towards Libra, but Taurus expresses her deep thanks to Jupiter’s precious presence in 2016!

October 2016 – invigorating influence on Taurus

From Taurus’ perspective October has no significance to 7th October. Venus enters in Scorpio on 23rd September and stays until 18th October – and it will be a passionate phase! Be careful with regard to conflicts.     

Time for autumn walks…

© Nagel's Blickwinkel - fotolia.com

Go outside and take a long walk through the forest in autumn and enjoy various colours of all kinds...

Mars brings good news! On 27th September he enters Aries. He gives mental vigour and physical strength. Be content with your status and enjoy the time of autumn walks.

November 2016 – Venus warms

November is quiet with regard to business matters! On 12th November enters new impetus for love and emotion. When the times are cloudy mobilize inner warmth which is given by Venus. It helps. Now comes the time of fabulous romance!

Mars makes Taurus impetuous…

Until 9th November Taurus have fabulous strength. Afterwards a square makes Taurus impetuous – most of them are even hot-tempered. Mars represents disputability and consequently an overload of energy becomes obvious. Sports could help it. By the way, morbidity rate increases. The conclusion of all: some like it hot and the rest of them prefer being levelheaded. Taurus will master the tasks with bravura.       

December 2016 – changeful Cristmas time

With 3rd December comes new drive into Taurus professional life! Mercury enters in Aries and this has a positive effect caused by a trigon. Now it’s the time of success! From 19th December Mercury is regressive – this means: be cautious and have a distinct view to what is happening around you!

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Cool heart.

The heat of passion is cooling down…

With the first week of December there are still good times for Taurus! From 7th December Venus is not yet beneficial – she gives an unfavourable influence: so love cools down a bit but love remains. Such incidents advantage calm intervals and stabilize a certain emotional balance.

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