Capricorn yearly horoscope 2018 | © contrastwerkstatt -

Yearly horoscope Capricorn 2018

What do the stars say about love, career, and health for Capricorn in 2018?
Capricorn yearly horoscope 2018 | © contrastwerkstatt -

Yearly horoscope Capricorn 2018

What do the stars say about love, career, and health for Capricorn in 2018? Scroll down

Capricorn 2018

In any case, Jupiter’s positive position is definitely a reason to celebrate! It will bring with it new opportunities, ease, and optimism while allowing Capricorns to hang onto key contacts and maintain and build a good network of supporters and friends. With a foundation like this, Capricorns are highly likely to see a happy and successful 2018. However, Saturn will probably be delivering a few obstacles for Capricorns. You might experience unwelcome delays or doubts about whether the path you’ve taken is really the right one. That’s why it’s all the more important for Capricorns to not lose their way and not let their difficulties get them down. If you can stay hopeful and confident, 2018 will be a successful year!

In addition, a variety of planetary influences will be making Capricorns’ lives easier or tougher throughout the year.

A great start to the year!

The beginning of the year for Capricorns will be amazing. The sun will be in your sign in January 2018, delivering vitality and confidence. If you want to start a new project, you should get going right away - Mercury and Venus give their blessings as well.

Things will continue on a very positive note for creative types in February 2018. Venus will be delivering inspiration and a fine aesthetic sense. It will also be promoting a good period in your love life, so spend lots of time with your partner or keep your eyes open for new love!

Initial difficulties

You should expect to face your first difficulties of the year in March 2018. Mercury warns against misunderstandings and against being too hasty in signing contracts. Luckily, Mars will provide you the confidence you need to handle upcoming challenges well.

April 2018 looks much more pleasant. Venus will be helping love to blossom, and Mercury will promote your career starting on the 15th. Mars will also be providing lots of power. You’ll need it - the sun’s position continues to point to difficulties through the middle of the month. However, they’ll probably be history starting on 4/20.

Clear up minor problems right away

Problems in your interpersonal relationships might come to light in May 2018. Venus encourages Capricorns to deal with these and clear them up right away. Typically, these will just be minor issues that can be corrected quickly. Mercury’s good position, which promotes communication, will be helpful.

Looking to make a change this summer?

Are there areas of your life where things aren’t going so well? If so, June 2018 is the perfect time to make a change. Unfortunately, the sun will make this slightly more difficult, and there will be people around Capricorns who will place obstacles in your way. Capricorns might be tempted to go shopping to deal with their frustration and reward themselves for all their hard work. That’s fine, just keep things reasonable - Venus might tempt you to waste money!

Change and new beginnings will remain important throughout July and August 2018. Jupiter might send along some exciting new opportunities; Capricorns should be sure not to let these pass them by. At the very least, Capricorns will probably all come to a point where they realize they can’t keep going without making some change. This is the time to tap into your reserve energy and commit to achieving new goals.

Fall sees an upward trend

You’ll see a marked rise in positive energy from the stars in September. The sun will send courage, and Mercury will be supporting you in the areas of career and communication. This is also an ideal time to take a short trip. Venus will have you feeling passionate. Its positive influence will continue through the end of the month.

The beginning of October 2018 might be a little rough, but Mercury will be on your side once again starting on 10/10, helping you have success in your everyday work. One especially positive benefit is that Venus will have a positive effect on Capricorns’ love lives from its position in Scorpio. This is a good time to meet new potential partners, or spend some romantic time alone with the partner you already have.

In November 2018, Mars will be awakening your desire for love and professional advancement. In addition, the sun will be delivering vitality and commitment. Unfortunately, Jupiter will leave its lucky position during this time, moving to Sagittarius. Capricorns will only be feeling its power to a reduced extent after this point.

A romantic way to close out the year

Capricorns might experience an especially romantic period in December 2018. Venus will be in a positive sextile, promoting all of your interpersonal relationships. The end of the year might also be highly positive in terms of your career. Mercury will be supporting intellectual work and communication, and if Capricorns make sure to not let Saturn put the brakes on their ambitions, they will truly be able to harvest the fruits of their labor.

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