Yearly horoscope Pisces 2018

What do the stars say about love, career, and health for Pisces in 2018?

Things look great for Pisces in 2018, the year of Venus. You’ll be lucky to experience Jupiter in Scorpio through November 8th, 2018. It will form a favorable trigon, offering improvement and opportunities for growth in every conceivable area of your life. Luck will shine favorably on Pisces during this time, whether it’s in your partnership, your job, or your educational aspirations.

Pisces 2018

Saturn will be supporting Pisces ideally throughout the whole year. Thanks to Saturn, Pisces will be highly resilient in 2018 - which makes this a great time to achieve your goals. An active, performance-oriented Pisces is sure to reap recognition during this time and will experience continued development. Of course, Pisces will also be subject to the influences of some other planets, so we should address them as well. Let’s find out what kinds of achievements and experiences await Pisces this year.

Favorable stars all the way

The beginning of 2018 will be an especially active and successful time for Pisces. In January 2018, Pisces are likely to see and feel a spiritual awakening. Mercury will be in Capricorn starting on 1/11 and will be responsible for an upswing in your professional life. Venus will be sending harmony through the middle of the month, then promoting personal initiative after that time. Vibrant Pisces shouldn’t take this too hard, since Jupiter and Saturn will continue to have their backs. However, they should be cautious of the overly aggressive energy of Mars.

First highlight of the year

Pisces will experience a special highlight to their astrological year in February 2018! The sun will move into Pisces on 2/18. Pisces will have their birthdays over the next 30 days and, as we’ve already said, this time will match up perfectly with Jupiter’s trigon. The sun will be sending along its vitality and harmony, and this is a great time for new beginnings. Mercury will also be moving into your sign and bringing intellectual flexibility with it, while Venus joins Pisces as well. Pisces will experience a great time for love through February 10th.

Things calm down

The sun will continue to shine on Pisces through the 20th of March 2018. However, these happy highlights will tone down somewhat. Venus and Mercury will continue to send energy from your sign for another week, through 3/6, after which the energy from both of them will wane slowly. Mercury will even be in retrograde after 3/23. This means Pisces are likely to experience limitations when it comes to communication. But even if Venus and Mercury do weaken, the possibility for successful experiences and public recognition is still good.

Good faith is tested

Although Pisces usually have faith in others, they’ll need to be especially cautious in April 2018 to make sure they don’t have the wool pulled over their eyes in contracts and negotiations - Mercury will still be in retrograde through 4/15. Since Mars will be helping you feel more industrious, we’re sure you’ll be able to make it through this period easily. Venus will be delivering a great time for love through 4/24. Venus will be in a square after 4/24, and you might have some difficult discussions with your partner during this time. The sun, especially, will be sending along lots of vitality, energy, and capability (after April 20th).

The magical month of May 2018 will bring the strength and energy you need to complete projects, as the sun will be in Taurus through May 21st. Mercury will be calming down somewhat during this period, but Jupiter will continue to support Pisces’ projects with plenty of energy. However, Venus is nowhere to be found during this phase. It will be moving into the water sign of Cancer starting on May 19th, delivering positive energy for all your interpersonal relationships.

The summer months - a time of change

Thanks to Venus, the positive period for love and family relationships will continue in June 2018. It will be forming a quincunx aspect starting on June 13th, and Pisces will become aware of whether they need a change in their relationships. Mars will be delivering energy throughout the month, and the sun will help Pisces feel especially comfortable making decisions at the end of the month.

Pisces will continue to feel a push towards change in July 2018. This time, Mercury will be in Leo and will form a quincunx aspect. Mercury will be drawing your attention to your career, and Pisces can find out whether they want to make a change in that area. Just be cautious, as Mercury will be in retrograde after 7/26. Try not to make any major decisions during this time, or conclude any contracts.

You’ll still feel this push for change in August 2018. The sun will be in a quincunx aspect starting on 7/22 and will encourage you to be aware of your weaknesses. Afterwards, it will be forming a square aspect. Pisces need to be especially dedicated during this time if they want to make progress in their projects. These weeks definitely won’t be an easy time. However, luckily Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars will come to the rescue. The planets’ energies will have a positive effect, helping you bear the burden of change.

Venus will finally blossom once again in September 2018! This is a great time to be creative, celebrate, or spend some romantic time with your partner.

A special end to the year

October 2018 will be uniquely positive for people born under the sign of Pisces. The sun, Mercury, and Venus will form a trigon with your sign, and Pisces won’t see this kind of constellation again for many years. Venus will send strong feelings of love, while the Sun contributes vitality and healthy self-confidence, and Mercury does everything it can for your career. Jupiter and Saturn will also join in the mix with their positive energies. That makes October a very important month (maybe the most important one of the year), and it couldn’t be more promising for Pisces!

Things get difficult

Pisces will then experience an extreme shift in energy in November 2018. The sun and Mercury will be acting from a square position, creating disruptions and difficulties in terms of career and communication. Jupiter will also be leaving its highly beneficial position on 11/8 to move into Sagittarius. However, Pisces can still have lots of success from this position if they don’t get cocky.

December 2018 will see some improvement! Venus will be in a good mood, and the holiday season is sure to be beautiful and harmonious.

What are the stars telling about your life?

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