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Sagittarius Is Benevolent and Caring
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Zodiac Sign Sagittarius (November 23rd - December 21st)
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Sagittarius (Symbol: ♐) enjoy discussions , and for this purpose, they need people who interact with them. They do not like listeners around them. They need an opponent who argues with them, and they want to announce their message of salvation. They need the fight, and that's why they often provoke their audience until they cannot stand them anymore. For this reason, Sagittarius people often appear arrogant and boastful.

Mastery is not for them. Sagittariuses straightforwardly say what they think. Fast as an arrow, as the symbol of the Sagittarius, is. They often notice when they make mistakes and want to fix them. So, fast as an arrow, they go on with the next faux pas with little consideration. Of course, that does not happen to brilliant Sagittariuses, they are humorous to perfection, and then the whole inexhaustible wealth of ideas comes to the fore.

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When they encounter people who are inferior to them, they switch to another excellent quality, human feeling , which is paired with a great sense of justice and helpfulness. Bravo, one can say. Their blunt way of speaking, the free words and their direct, open style of speaking often gives the impression that Sagittarius is capable of unbelievable deeds. And they are also. They are real summiteers with an unrestrained urge for freedom .

However, the less balanced can also lead to chaos , because they act too imprecisely. Dumb, you can only say. And they only realize that when it's too late. People under this Zodiac sign are mainly mental workers . Of course, every human being must also be physically active. Sagittarius people must first inform themselves in detail and think a lot before they do something that needs to be done.

They are considered crisis managers since they want to achieve a once set goal, also unconditionally. Whereby they also find new possibilities through their numerous ideas. If they come to seemingly hopeless situations, they know how to mobilize reserves and all forces to solve the problem. Sagittarius people are never considered unique, but they are always concerned with the matter, and for that, they use all of their zeal. People misunderstand them.

Sagittarius and love:

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Sagittarius is often considered very attractive by counterparts. If you want to win the heart of a Sagittarius, you do not have it that easy. Because both women and men, love challenges, variety, and exciting moments. They need a lot of freedom in a relationship, which does not mean that they are always trying to change partners. They only need their own space and a lot of air to breathe. It may be that a Sagittarius sometimes wants to travel alone, and you should not be too jealous.

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Sagittarius women:

Sagittarius women are particularly attractive, cheerful, and have a brilliant mind . Jupiter, the Planet of Luck is their ruling planet and sends them a lot of desire for learning, philosophy, and travel . They represent their interests with great dignity and work with much vigor for justice. It does not make any difference, whether it's their need or the needs of others if it's a just cause. They need to travel several times a year. They can pack their things and go on discovery alone, travel to foreign countries, and experience different cultures first-hand. But even a luxury vacation with the loved one is one of their chosen travel experiences.

The main thing is not getting bored and experiencing an adventure. Sagittarius loves nature and  experience while traveling. They want to experience the world as much as possible with all their senses: smell, taste, and feel. They like a relationship with animals and humans and are always communicative and analytical. There is no moment when they do not want to share their knowledge and philosophy of life with others. If a Saggitarius falls in love, they reveal themselves from all their lovely sides. Even though their honest nature sometimes puts them in trouble, they are always happy with fellow human beings.


Sagittarius men:

Sagittarius men attract attention with their charisma . They are aware of attracting the attention of many women, and they enjoy it.

Incidentally, a Sagittarius woman and a Sagittarius man are a particularly good match. They both play with the element of fire , and they never get bored together. They both love traveling. They also enjoy freedom, but an exciting trip for two is equally appealing to Sagittarius. Jupiter, the Planet of Luck is their ruling planet and sends them a lot of desire for learning, philosophy, and travel.

They also want to experience the world and feel it with all the senses. And when they talk about travel, they do it with a lot of wit and colors. Often they seek competition with others to spread their opinion, and they enjoy discussions . The main thing is that they have listeners and can tell them about their profound experiences.


Sagittarius people are kind, helpful, generous, benevolent, caring, generous, harmonious, mild, cheerful, humorous, reconciling, friendly, just, grateful, willing to travel, tolerant.


They tend to be gullible, careless, lavish, ostentatious, unreasonable, arrogant, boastful, proud, vain, hypocritical, bribable, unfair, adventurous.

Famous Sagittarians


Nicki Minaj (*December 8, 1982), Brad Pitt (*December 18th, 1963), Jimi Hendrix (November 27th, 1942 – September 18th, 1970), Ludwig van Beethoven (December 17th, 1770 – March 26th, 1827), Frank Sinatra (December 12th, 1915 – May 14th, 1998), Mark Twain (November 30th, 1835 – April 2st1, 1910), Sammy Davies jr. (December 8th, 1925 – May 16th, 1990),  Winston Churchill (November 30th, 1874 – January 24th, 1965), Kirk Douglas (*December 9th, 1916), Jean Paul Getty (*December 15th, 1892 – June 6th, 1976), Billie Eilish (*December 18th, 2001), Taylor Swift (* December 13th, 1989), The Dolan Twins (Ethan and Grayson Dolan, *December 16th, 1999), Jake Gyllenhaal (*December 19th, 1980), Bruce Lee (November 27th, 1940 – July 20th, 1973)

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Facts about Sagittarius

Birthdays: November 23rd - December 21st  

Ruling Planet : Jupiter

Gender : Male

Element : Fire

Type : The religious and courageous person

Physical correspondence : hips, thighs, back muscles, venous circulation, blood, lungs, bronchi, liver

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