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Marriage horoscope

What type of man do you attract?
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Marriage horoscope

What type of man do you attract? Scroll down

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Marriage horoscope

What type of man do you attract – from astrological point of view? What about the type of marriage and matrimonial matters? Here comes the marriage horoscope for future spouse…


Aries is described as an impatient and active one (March 21st – April 22nd) – when you would have always looking forward to the active participation in various fields – you would have equally a good approach to the diverse range of experiences. He might be quite convinced – and either way self-convinced - when he finally would have made his proper choice with regard to marriage. Captured and guided to the altar after all the action he won the palm.

Characteristics of the zodiac sign


Taurus is famous for loving sensual pleasures - and all beauty at all – she celebrates her birthday between April 21st – may 21st. However, it may be celebrated an event you probably could never forget in your life time - as a guest, mind you. Sharing and giving is a must – but not necessarily giving in… celebrate and enjoy sounds the motto - not only for today...

Characteristics of the zodiac sign


Gemini celebrates his birthday between May22nd– June1st. He is well-known for his curiosity and extraordinary talent of handling life – Adventures including. Sharing the future life side by side with Gemini you should be fond of changes and restlessness. Considering this attitude toward life with Gemini you will experience individual freedom and a liberal mind.

Characteristics of the zodiac sign


About Cancer is incessantly told she feels the mere sense of happiness only within her family and her home – perfect birthday celebration of Cancer born between June22nd– July 22nd seems to be obligatory, of course… The wedding celebration represents a feast – you might have hardly seen before, but now is the time and the moment, just participating if you like. It would have made a difference what your part was: a guest, the bride, a bridesmaid or the bridegroom or whatever you like to be: you would come to the decision it might be yours… For that’s family – and family is what you make of it – Cancer never ever would forget what does it mean and you can learn from that if you can’t remember what may make sense in life.

Characteristics of the zodiac sign


Leo rules –and furthermore in particular when he celebrates his birthday between Juli 23rd – August 23rd. When you are invited to celebrate with Leo his wedding you should pull yourself together and make yourself look pretty brilliant for this special day. You can celebrate with his majesty - and for this you may have got best cards… Somehow – having regard to the celebratory act you are honoured and can feel what life makes more fun – or cheerio!

Characteristics of the zodiac sign


When Virgo celebrates her birthday between August 24th- September 23rd she might think of all at least twice. She tries always finding out the best solution and would avoid unrest – feel secure, she would give you confidence and room to live – without superficial gossip or superficial knowledge. She likes profound wisdom and safe results – worth and values are always her favourite topics. That haven brings you forward with responsibility and reliance as well.

Characteristics of the zodiac sign


Libra celebrates his birthday between September 24th - October 23rd – he is asking: would you marry me? He tries being charming and stays as a friend for the rest of the universe – what else do you want? After having made his decision and his choice he would never be blind…

Characteristics of the zodiac sign


Scorpios special days are between October24th - November 22nd – go-getters are all… They might call frontier spirit their own - no goal and no solution represents the only no-go at all. She is warrior and a conqueror – thinking twice, but when noone knows or even might have expected such brave considerations. Impetuous impulsiveness could easily cause rage – be aware, all of you… She is honourable – it should be mentioned. But you have to take care not behave regardless – she could easily feel blamed and compromised. If you like keep burning – hopefully the best conclusion.

Characteristics of the zodiac sign


When Sagittarius is on fire regarding a woman, he would insist on convincing her to approach his ideals. In fact he aimed at her with love darts - but just as well he might miss his aim. Sometimes he would have started swiftly and it turns to the wrong page. He likes doing many things - or better said he would prefer treating various topics at the same time instead of proceeding step by step. The best effect to approach successful conquest or capture means to join together for common topics like journeys and ideology, faith and spiritual issues. When you would make up your mind preparing such questions - then it might be a successful capture of Sagittarius heart.

  Characteristics of the zodiac sign


Capricorn (December 22nd– January 20th) actually has less time for a wedding – she has lots of business thrives. First earning money means to achieve a high standard of living in the end. Her motto sounds money let the world go round - and this attitude would be remained to subordinate to general interest. Privacy focussed business matter – wedding day and negotiations about the prosperous future - for Capricorn it points out the perfect concordance. Cheers!

Characteristics of the zodiac sign


For Aquarius (January 21st – February 2nd) the future spouse must be extraordinary- for giving in to a marriage - he likes to celebrate the exceptionality, of course – but it means no mission impossible after all. However, he likes to celebrate – it emphasizes his nature. Age of Aquarius does always have its roots in the source of change and upheaval. Ballroom and lighthouse dinners would be arranged for him – like masquerade and gambling. Perhaps behind one of the masquerade he could have discovered the one he wants to marry – have fun in experimenting and you may make the appropriate choice.

Characteristics of the zodiac sign


When Pisces has concluded to marry one of eligible princesses or princes she would like to gather the world to the table. Pisces nature harmonizes all types of characters - all is one like almost all is melting in water and the endless dimension of the ocean. This spirit represents the attitude towards life in general and in particular toward her fellow men and creation as well. Her wedding emphasizes the marriage with the world and common spirit – may show the world it could be a beautiful place.

Characteristics of the zodiac sign

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Marriage horoscope

What type of man do you attract – from astrological point of view?...