Pluto Is Retrograde: Detach Yourself From Old Beliefs

From 1 May to 11 October 2023, Pluto, Our Planet of Transformation, Is Retrograde. These Zodiac Signs Are Particularly Affected
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Pluto turns retrograde
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Pluto is retrograde from 1 May to 11 October 2023 . Within this period, it will return to Capricorn from 11 June until it moves again into Aquarius on 21 April 2024.

Pluto's retrograde can initiate significant changes in various areas of life.

Pluto is the outermost and smallest planet in our solar system and represents transformation, regeneration, and power . In astrology, it symbolizes profound changes that are often triggered by crises and upheavals. These changes can be painful but usually lead to personal growth and a stronger inner power.


When Pluto goes retrograde, its energy works inwards . It encourages us to look deep within ourselves and uncover unconscious patterns, fears, traumas or behaviors. This is a time of intense self-reflection and letting go of old structures that no longer serve us. Depending on which area of your chart Pluto goes retrograde, the effects can vary.

Here's how you use the energies of retrograde Pluto

  • Do introspection : Use this time to reflect on your inner patterns, fears, and desires. Maybe there is something you should let go of?
  • Reconsider old habits : Question your routines and behaviors and dare to take new paths.
  • Practice forgiveness : Let go of grudges and negative emotions to promote healing and personal growth.
  • Explore spirituality : Use this time to deepen your spirituality and strengthen your intuition.

What to avoid

  • Actionism : Avoid hasty decisions or impulsive actions, as this can lead to undesirable consequences.
  • Power games : Be careful not to get involved in power struggles or manipulation, as this promotes the negative aspects of Pluto.

Pluto in Aquarius


Currently, Pluto is in Aquarius, an air sign that represents innovation, freedom, and change . In this position, Pluto combines its transformative energy with the visionary and revolutionary nature of Aquarius. This can lead to a strong urge for social and personal upheaval  to make room for new ideas and structures.

While all zodiac signs can be affected by a retrograde Pluto, some are affected more than others. When Pluto is in Aquarius , these are Aquarius itself, Leo, Taurus, and Scorpio. This affects the period from 1 May to 11 June 2023 .

  1. Aquarius: With Pluto currently in Aquarius, those born under this sign will feel the changes and transformations most intensely. This time offers the chance to let go of old habits and thought patterns and make room for the new .
  2. Leo: Leo is the opposite sign of Aquarius and could, therefore, also be affected by Pluto's retrograde energy. This can lead to conflict and disagreement but ultimately contributes to personal growth and clarity.
  3. Taurus and Scorpio: As these two zodiac signs are square to Pluto in Aquarius, they could also experience challenges and changes. It is essential to be patient and acknowledge the need for transformation.

Pluto in Capricorn

During this phase, the focus is on structure, discipline, and responsibility . Capricorn is an earth sign that values stability and practicality. Pluto in Capricorn urges us to rethink and transform the foundations of our society, career, and personal life goals.


Then, when Pluto enters Capricorn on June 11 as a result of its retrograde , four other zodiac signs , on the other hand, will feel these energies more strongly. This phase continues until October 11, 2023 , when Pluto, still in Capricorn, goes direct again.

  1. Capricorn: With Pluto in their own sign, Capricorns will experience the most intense transformations in their lives. These changes can occur in various areas of life, such as career, relationships, and personal growth.
  2. Cancer: Cancerians are opposite Capricorn and therefore may also be affected by Pluto's energy. This can lead to an intense exploration of one's emotional needs and inner values.
  3. Aries and Libra: They are square Pluto in Capricorn, which means they may also experience challenges and changes. For Aries, these changes could affect the way they express their personal power and assertiveness, while Libra will be challenged to rethink the balance between their relationships and their own needs.

Retrograde Pluto offers all zodiac signs the chance to initiate profound changes and transformations in our lives . By using this time to let go of old patterns of behavior and beliefs and focus on healing and personal growth, we can emerge from this phase stronger and with renewed clarity.

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