Venus and Saturn Dance: Taurus and Pisces Find Harmony

Love Becomes Serious
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Venus and Saturn
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Venus is the hottest planet in our solar system, known as the planet of love, while Saturn is surrounded by rings and is the great constrictor. It is the planet that makes you become serious and reflect on your life. But what happens when Venus and Saturn ⚹extiles one another? Well, it can create magic in the air but it will also affect your individual Sun Sign. 

The Mythology Behind Venus and Saturn


Let's first take a look at Saturn because in Greek mythology, Saturn came before Venus. Saturn was known as Cronus, the great Greek Titan that ruled time, son of the great Greek god and father of the sky Ouranos, who had mated with mother Earth - Gaia, to make Cronus and the other Titans. At a point in their mythology, Gaia wanted to punish Ouranos and convinced Cronus to cut off his testicles with a sickle. 

Once Cronus did this, Ouranos' testicles fell into the ocean and a great foam was created. Out of this foam a full-born adult female, Aphrodite (Venus) was born, becoming the great lover in Greek mythology who had many affairs and seduced many men. In essence, their connection is one of siblings as Aphrodite was born of Ouranos, a child of him, as Cronus was, and therein lies their connection. Also, without Cronus' actions, Aphrodite would not exist. Therefore, there is a great symbiosis between Cronus and Aphrodite. In a way, Cronus looks after Aphrodite as if he were her big brother, which in a sense, he is.

What Happens When Venus Makes a 60-Degree Aspect to Saturn?

 Well, what Zodiac signs are involved here? With this aspect, Venus is in her element as she rules over Taurus, and Saturn finds himself in Pisces. (Just a note that Venus is exalted in Pisces and loves this Sign of unconditional love). When they have this aspect, elements of Taurus (sensuality, material objects, money, real estate and senses) combine with elements of Pisces (unconditional love, creativity, and free-spirited attitude). 

Let's take a look at the things in life it will affect:

  1. Your Love Life
  2. Your Finances
  3. Your Mood and Emotional State

Venus' 60-Degree Aspect to Saturn

1. Your Love Life

If you are in a relationship, things will get more serious now and you may even get an unexpected proposal from the one you love. It is also a wonderful time to get married! Extremely fortuitous in fact.

If you are single, now is the time to get yourself noticed by looking your best and going out to bars and dance clubs, and joining hobby classes, such as pottery where you might meet someone amazing. 

If you are extremely introverted, go online, create a dating profile for yourself, and make the effort to meet someone (in a safe and public place, of course).  

Vennus and Saturn
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2. Your Finances

With Venus in Taurus, she is in her absolute element. Meeting Saturn in Pisces in this aspect, you need to get serious about your finances and create a separate bank account just for emergencies - such as any job losses in the future, medical necessities and things to enhance your children's life, such as education and extra-curricular hobbies. 


Because Saturn is in Pisces, money may flow through your hands quickly, and you'll enjoy spending sprees; however, it's best to buy things that make sense in the long term. 

3. Your Mood and Emotional State

Venus is in Taurus, and Taurus is a feminine, Fixed and introverted sign. Saturn is in Pisces and Pisces is a feminine, Mutable, and introverted sign. So when these two make this aspect, emotionally you may want to keep to yourself and stay away from large crowds. You may fall into a romantic mood but can also experience withdrawal and depression.

It's really important to keep your mental state healthy and here are the following suggestions to do so:

Stay Happy! Here's How:

1. Get at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep every day

2. Exercise at least 30 minutes per day, even just walking around the block a few times

3. Eat healthy Low GI foods so that your blood sugar doesn't spike too much

4. If you need chocolate - go for the 70% plus dark range of chocolates 

5. Try meditate if you can

6. Spend time in nature


7. Play with your pets

8. Stay away from toxic people, even if it means not answering your phone

9. Drink at least 8 glasses of water each day

10. Replace coffee with green tea and avoid colas and heavily caffeinated drinks

11. Avoid too much time on social media

How Venus' 60 Degree Aspect to Saturn Affects Your Zodiac Sign

The Fire Signs

Aries, Leo and Sagittarius , your often fleeting nature affects your relationships, as you get scared to commit fully. Now is the time to get more serious about the ones you love and commit to a monogamous relationship if you so wish to steer your relationship in a direction that can become more serious down the line.

Say yes! Venus and Saturn
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Try not to spend money as frivolously as you sometimes do, and if your mood takes a beating during this period, take the health tips above and you should feel great!  

The Earth Signs

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn , you will relish this period and may meet that special someone of your dreams. If your partner proposes and you love them, say "yes!" as it is an auspicious time to do so! Money matters flourish and good social relationships will lift your mood.


The Air Signs

During this time, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius , you may want to solidify financial contracts and read the fine print on everything you sign. Take more time for your personal relationships and the ones you love.

The Water Signs

Cancer and Pisces , this special aspect makes you fall in love with love! It's time to concentrate on your relationship and put any extra effort into it. You will also very likely attract a partner if you are single. Money may fall into your lap now; however, it's not the time to take any financial risks. Your mind may be more focused during this period! Make the time to get out and be near nature whether walking in the forest or spending time in the ocean. Scorpio , life will teach you many lessons regarding love and finances at the moment. With this aspect and Taurus and Pisces being involved, it is time to rely on yourself to make things happen. Trust your instincts!


Venus in Taurus' 60 Degree Aspect to Saturn in Pisces, doesn't always come along too often (in these particular Sun signs). Take advantage of it and reap the romantic and financial rewards! 


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