Monthly horoscope February 2019 | photo: ©

Monthly horoscope February 2019

Monthly horoscope February 2019
Monthly horoscope February 2019 | photo: ©

Monthly horoscope February 2019

Monthly horoscope February 2019 Scroll down

Monthly Horoscope February 2019

Monthly horoscope February 2019

Out of Hibernation

that’s the motto for Aries in February. You will be receiving strong energy from the sun. Your body will cry out for movement to awaken your bones from their winter torpor. Mercury in Aquarius forms a beneficial ⚹extile, favoring all areas having to do with communication. Use this time, which will last through February 10th.

Pisces too

Pisces will also be able to take advantage of this energy – they just have to use it in the right way. They will ask themselves this month whether they are using their energies to reach the right goals; Mars, the planet of energy, will help ensure you are. Despite facing such big questions,Pisces will also have a lot of fun as the sun moves into their sign by the end of the month, which means it’s time for their birthdays! Mercury will also be moving into your sign. That could mean success in your job, and will boost communication in all areas of your life.

This month, Taurus will learn that you have to take a break now and then.

During the first half of February, Taurus should take care of themselves and take a break. Spending time with family and with their partners is a great way to do so, and Venus will be well disposed to the sign starting on February 2nd. After 2/14, Mars will reawaken Taurus with its concentrated energy and help them focus on achieving their goals.

An ounce of caution is worth a pound of cure, especially when it comes to your health.

The planet of the year, Mercury, warns Leos against mistakes in February 2019. It’s important for Leos to have confidence in themselves at work, but control is even better in this case. The sun will also encourage Leos to rest – Leos can tend to be workaholics, but should make sure they get enough sleep so as to avoid a cold.

Energy to get through the end of winter

Success, health and high capacity - Geminis will have great stars to get them started in February! If you get out and actively search for a partner, this is an excellent time to look for love. This applies to your own family as well, and to art.

The sun has good things in store for Cancers in February.. The sun will send its beneficial energies freely to Cancers. Now is the right time for communication - after 2/10, Mercury will be favoring any communications by Cancers as Mars impacts their lives with high levels of energy and awakens courage and a readiness to take risks.

Maybe you will find a new love in February | Photo: ©

Beautiful Moments

and small yet beautiful gifts await Aquarians in February. They will be celebrating their birthdays through February 18th, and will enjoy plenty of energy thanks to the sun and Mars. Things will go very well professionally for the first several days, and Mercury will deliver optimal opportunities.

Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

Just in the nick of time, Virgos will be receiving a strong boost of energy from Mars on 2/14. Mars will both make us courageous and make us yearn for partnership, meaning this could be an excellent time for love. Venus will keep the faith with Virgos after February 3rd and through to the end of the month. Keep your eyes and your heart open, and see who you meet. When it comes to energy, this is all around the perfect time for love!

A New Meeting

Things could get exciting in the first two weeks of February, as Scorpios’ clairvoyant tendencies are awakened. You might be amazed at your own abilities. The stars will also be favorable for meeting a new partner, as Venus sends plenty of love Scorpio’s way.

Flirting, or More?

An excellent time for love awaits Scorpios as Venus remains in your sign throughout the entire month. Your chances of meeting a new partner now are very high. Singles will definitely have a lot of fun and do some flirting too. Conditions will be especially good after 2/19 when the sun is in Pisces.

Challenges Provide Motivation

The stars will be in an especially positive position for you in the first half of the month, and the sun will bring balance and assertiveness through 2/18 . Later on Sagittarians might face a few challenges. With the help of Jupiter, the planet of luck which will accompany them throughout the year, they will be able to overcome.

Caution Against Power Struggles

While the feminine side of Venus will be more reserved, manly energy from Mars will shower down over Libras and dominate their lives the entire month. This could result in either high passions or even arguments. Libras will feel lots of power and lots of fire.

Chinese New Year

After February 5th (February 4th in Europe), it will be the new moon and the Chinese New Year. Click here for Chinese horoscope.

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