Ascendant Libra | Photo: ©  captblack76 -

Ascendant Libra

Ascendant Libra is most of the time friendly and blessed by natural charm
Ascendant Libra | Photo: ©  captblack76 -

Ascendant Libra

Ascendant Libra is most of the time friendly and blessed by natural charm

Strengthen of Rising Sign Libra

Gracious, modest, amiable, affectionate, vivid, optimistic, idealistic, altruistic, fair, harmonious, sociable, open-minded and compassionate.

Weaknesses of Rising Sign Libra

Happy-go-lucky, comfortable, gullible, hedonistic, pedantic, luxurious, extravagant, capricious, easily influenced, undetermined, pliable and diplomatic.

Ascendant Libra

Ascendant Libra is most of the time friendly and blessed with natural charm. They are fond of discoveries and exchange. Environmental issues, quest, and communication lead to arrangement and contacts. They do not like being alone and would suffer from the pain to be abandoned.

Harmonious coexistence to each other is part of Libra ascendants. For that, they intervene in conflicts and try to get inconsistency out of the way. But if they are involved in trouble they tend to avoid confrontation. Bigger than all is the final faith to keep all in harmony and accordance – in some fields means that to postpone own urgent needs – caused by the fear to scare someone away.

Libra ascendants dislike making decisions. It is a long process that lasts to make a decision – they have to weigh all the pros and cons, and a clear point of view is to be avoided. Ascendant Libra persons have to learn to assume their position and to adopt their needs - without neglecting their interest. In the course of their life, they will become more energetic and active. This part is shown by Libras Descendent Aries.

Correlated to their profession and career they are to be found in the artistic field. They are part of the world of fashion, design, literature and fine arts – in places where aesthetics and harmony set the tone. In love matters, it is easy for them to make new contacts – with attention to honesty, sincerity, and frankness – and the primary matter: harmony works.

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