Monthly horoscope February | Photo ©

Monthly Horoscope

How are the stars in love, work and health in February 2020?
Monthly horoscope February | Photo ©

Monthly Horoscope

How are the stars in love, work and health in February 2020?


Leo February

07/23 - 08/23

Monthly Horoscope

Aspects in February

The sun is in Aquarius until February 19th. Mercury is in Pisces at the beginning of the month. It goes retrograde on February 17th. Venus goes into Aries on February 7th. Mars will be in Capricorn from February 16th. Lucky planet Jupiter will remain in Capricorn until December 19th, 2020. Saturn is still in Capricorn until March.

Carnival in Rio

The Rio Carnival traditionally starts on Friday before Ash Wednesday. It is one of the largest festivals in the world, with over 1.5 million people taking part. We have dedicated the February February horoscope to the Carnival.

We hope that the Samba dancers put you in a good mood!

How are the stars in February?

Horoscope Aries February 2020 | photo: © Ventura

Take advantage of any situation you see as a chance. You are headed in the right direction.

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Monthly Horoscope Taurus February | photo: © Trade

Healthwise, you are in excellent condition. And since you feel great, you don't see any need to take care of yourself.

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Monthly Horoscope Gemini February | photo: ©

If you are in a serious relationship, you are lucky - your partner will firmly put an end to your flight of fancy and bring you back to earth.

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Monthly Horosscope Cancer February | photo: ©

You are doing good work and are receiving recognition for it. This makes you somewhat vain.

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Monthly Horoscope Leo February | photo: © Ventura

Right now, you're not afraid at all of making mistakes. It seems that fate is on your side, so you achieve optimal results.

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Monthly Horoscope Virgo February | photo: ©

Your body is healthy, and your spirit is free. Your performance level is higher than usual.

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Monthly Horoscope Libra February | photo: © Gold Stock Images -

If you do a lot of physical exercises, you will be able to reduce your inner tensions. Long walks or sports like swimming and cycling are beneficial in this respect. 

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Monthly Horoscope Scorpio February | photo: ©

You feel full of energy and strength and enjoy good health. You might be lacking the necessary vigor to exercise and do sports.

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Horoscope Sagittarius February | photo: © Ventura

Jupiter has a positive influence on your sun. Everything goes like clockwork at work this month.

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Monthly Horoscope Capricorn February |  photo: ©

Jupiter is good to you, and that can be seen in your private life: you will experience a time without any problems and stress.

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Monthly Horoscope Aquarius February | photo: ©

You will probably feel very comfortable at work now - you find your duties, no trouble, and get along with your colleagues and superiors very well.

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Monthly Horoscope Pisces February | photo: ©

You feel alive and kicking and are enjoying a lot of leisure time. Unfortunately, you tend to be a little lazy and let your fitness program slide from time to time.

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The detailed annual astrological preview for 2020.

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Natal Report & Birth Chart from | Photo: © Alex Tihonov -

The personality report is our classic and must-have for every astrology fan. Get deep insights into your personality and reveal hidden secrets. You will be surprised by what the stars have put into your cradle.

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