Daily horoscope - 26th June 2016

Taurus should spend time with her partner and Sagittarius shouldn't ignore the possibility of adopting a totally new approach.
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For peace to reign on Earth, humans must evolve into new beings who have learned to see the whole first.

Immanuel Kant

Sunday, June 26th 2016:

Various positive aspects define this day when the constellation of Jupiter and Pluto works... The following constellation may offer various advantages: benefits on career regarding income, merit and gain - take a chance!


Daily aspects

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Moon (Pisces) Conjunction Neptune (Pisces)


The conjunction between the moon and Neptune reflects the desire for fancy and imagination—you might be in imbalance. Venus stays in the sign of Scorpio – still remaining the square – it represents times of trouble with defiance. Thoughts are changeable – deviated from the truth. You are highly sensitive and want to be left alone.

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Moon (Pisces) Sextile Pluto (Capricorn)


The sextile between the moon and Pluto let arise rich sentiments. We are adventurous and venturesome. Awakening of increased interest in travelling…

Jupiter (Virgo) Trine Pluto (Capricorn)


The trigon between Jupiter and Pluto offers energetic optimism and ambition – culminating in retention of power: Fortune and accolades are with you. However, you could be awarded and rewarded on each level in life. 

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Moon (Pisces) Trine Mars (Scorpio)


The trine gives willpower, courage, convinced actions, activity, clarity, open-mindedness, adventurous spirit and voraciousness.

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Moon (Pisces) Square Mercury (Gemini)


Spiritual gifts are given for today, but serious decisions should be carefully considered. Thoughts are changeable – deviated from the truth. Difficulties may arise the impression of variability and act with precipitation.

Birthday on June 26th 2016:

Pearl S. Buck (26.6.1892 – 6.3.1973), Dany Boon (* 26.6.1966), Ariana Grande (*1993), Jason Schwartzman (* 1980)