Daily horoscope - 13th October 2016

Today Pisces are faced with complicated issues and Capricorn is confronted with an unexpected and challenging situation.
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All good things are wild and free.

Henry David Thoreau

Daily aspects

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Moon (Pisces) Conjunction Neptune (Pisces)

6:12 am

The conjunction between the moon and Neptune reflects the desire for fancy and imagination—you might be in imbalance. Venus stays in the sign of Scorpio – still remaining the square – it represents times of trouble with defiance. Thoughts are changeable – deviated from the truth. You are highly sensitive and want to be left alone.

Moon (Pisces) Sextile Mars (Capricorn)

8:08 am

This sextile gives us strong will, courage and adventurous spirit – we are open-minded with a clear mind.

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Moon (Pisces) Square Saturn (Sagittarius)

11:09 am

Obstacles and restraint could appear – combined with melancholy and unhappiness. Regarding relationship you might be no good choice at the moment…

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Moon (Pisces) Sextile Pluto (Capricorn)

3:11 pm

The sextile between the moon and Pluto let arise rich sentiments. We are adventurous and venturesome. Awakening of increased interest in travelling…

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Mercury (Libra) Square Mars (Capricorn)

10:10 pm

The square between Mercury and Mars could cause unrest and stimulates critique.