Beware of thieves ... | photo: ©

How to survive Mercury retrograde

Horoscope for the 8th week (February 17th-February 23rd)
Beware of thieves ... | photo: ©

How to survive Mercury retrograde

Horoscope for the 8th week (February 17th-February 23rd)

Daily aspects

Time Aspects
12:49 AM Mercury → retrograde
3:11 AM Moon Square Mercury
11:52 AM Moon Square Neptune

How to survive Mercury retrograde

What does Mercury retrograde mean?

It is a problematic astrological constellation. It can happen in these times that one is fooled. But if you know beforehand that something like that is possible, you can counteract here of course.

How do I survive the retrograde Mercury?

Do not make any big contracts at this time! Always check if the doors are locked! Do not fall for false compliments!

Retrograde Mercury - the astrological details

Mercury is currently in Pisces and will now go retrograde from 17 February to 10 March 2020. Mercury is now making certain backtracks, as he is now suddenly not keeping agreements and arrangements.

Neptune rules Pisces. The positive sides of Neptune are the high spirituality and divine love, the negative lies, and conscious deceptions. And in this negative stage, the God of the Sea Neptune also likes to work with his element, the liquid, and from this, he prefers good drinks like wine, beer, and liquids because he also lies to us that in wine lies the truth.

Very important decisions such as sales contracts for large sums of money or professional agreements etc. are better made after March 10th, as it often turns out that not everything has been thought of yet.

How does a planet become "retrograde" at all?

The planet itself, of course, does not change its direction. But it looks from Earth as if it would. This happens, for example, with Mercury when it passes in front of the sun. The orbit then looks from the Earth as if it is moving backward. This happens three times a year with Mercury. The outer planets also go back from time to time. The Sun and Moon cannot, of course, "go backward".

When will Mercury be in retrograde in 2020?

  • 17.2.-10.3.
  • 18.6.-12.7.
  • 14.10.-3.11.


Horoscope for Week 8

Aries should now make no spontaneous and thoughtless decisions in the time of Mercury's retrograde. The saying "Quickly freed, long regretted" was experienced by an Aries for the first time during such a time and, as experience has shown, was therefore written down by himself.

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Don't let technical issues get Taurus out of their way | Photo: ©

Taurus shouldn't let their mood spoil when their PC or the car goes on break. Some surprises are undesirable, but they happen anyway. To compensate, you could surprise your beloved partner with a dinner invitation.

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The devil is in the details | Photo: © fotoatelie -

Inborn curiosity can now be beneficial to Gemini when they use this aroused thinking ability for detailed analysis. While mercury retrograde, the devil is in the details. Take care!

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Photo: ©

If things are not going well for the sensitive Cancerians, they would like to retire to their home. There they want to take care of their loved ones. But since the other family members often have other zodiac signs that are not as sensitive, the problems continue in their own homes. And if you then provoke the Cancerian too much, he will set up his scissors and pinch on it. The Cancer fears nobody and nothing, not even Mercury's retrograde.

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Photo: ©

Reigning is a necessity. It is only a question of who will be the victor in this eternal struggle of life and who will remain so. Mercury is the messenger of gods but sinks to the God of the thieves at the time of being retrograde. That is why we must now be especially careful and be smarter than the thief.

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Virgo horoscope | Photo: ©

You can't fool the Virgos in terms of thinking, because their planet is Mercury itself. Usually, all of these rational creatures should be able to expose the sneaky attacks of the retrograde Mercury. But don't get reckless! And therefore do not be stingy with the perhaps exhausting but necessary and profound thought processes!

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Tell Libra to watch out for false compliments this week | Photo: ©

Love rules the world of Libra. In addition to this, she loves beauty, art, and also excellent manners. Libra's only task now is to make sure that the retrograde Mercury doesn't sneak into a seducer, who very credibly lies to them with unique compliments. Therefore the advice: Enjoy the time, but don't believe anything!

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Horoscope scorpio | Photo: ©

He that will fool a Scorpio must first be born. A Scorpio sees through everything with his X-ray senses! I guess that's true for the most part. Nevertheless, the retrograde Mercury will also try it with him. Mercury is the master of thoughts, and therefore also extremely clever. Only those who have already learned a great deal through him can stand beside him. His hope is, therefore, also based on the lazy ones.

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Horoscope Sagittarius | Photo: ©

Flying-high Sagittarius likes to forget normal life. Sagittarians are idealistic and could stumble because retrograde Mercury has tripped him. Watch out and don’t be arrogant, because that’s exactly what the currently suspended messenger of gods is after. Johnny Head-in-Air is still standing with both feet on the ground.

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Photo: ©

Capricorn is accustomed to a modest life in its barren mountainous landscape and is always careful with its actions and steps because a single misstep can mean a fall. Nevertheless, he should keep his innate caution in mind and not be seduced by spring when he sees the first flower. Probably the retrograde Mercury is behind this. Just think of the swallow, dear Capricorn, which does not make a summer!

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With his planet Uranus, Aquarius has a higher level of intelligence compared to the thinker Mercury, but on the other hand this also makes him reckless, because he courageously accepts every challenge.

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Horoscope Pisces | Photo: ©

You can't fool the Pisces with their gift of extraordinary intuition either, unless they are just once again strongly in a phase of charity, in which case they are prepared to make sacrifices. Mercury retrograde tries to exploit Pisces. But only because the Pisces themselves want it that way. Pisces and Mercury currently are ruled by Neptune, the representative of divine love.

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