Retrograde Venus | Photo: Carolyn Lagattuta /

Week 22nd horoscope: Love returns for these zodiac signs

The declines of Venus now offer chances for corrections
Retrograde Venus | Photo: Carolyn Lagattuta /

Week 22nd horoscope: Love returns for these zodiac signs

The declines of Venus now offer chances for corrections

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Leo week 22

07/23 - 08/23

Week 22nd horoscope: Love returns for these zodiac signs

The planet's declines now offer opportunities for corrections.

 At present, four planets are in decline, namely

  • Venus in Gemini - until June, 24th 2020,
  • Jupiter in Capricorn - until September, 12th 2020,
  • Saturn in Capricorn - until September, 28th 2020 and
  • Pluto in Capricorn - until October, 3rd 2020.

Today we will discuss Venus' retrograde motion, as it is the shortest of the four retrograde movements, and will last until June 24th, 2020.

Since Venus is currently in Gemini, the results are always different influences on the 12 Signs of the Zodiac. If Venus then moves to another Zodiac sign, as we all know, the planet reshuffles the cards, giving way to new hope, if we have just experienced critical tendencies in this area.

Is love coming back? | Photo: Alexander Grabchilev /

Is love coming back?

There are always three major categories of influences, which could, of course, be refined, but roughly, we can define them as

The positive influences.

The negative or critical influences. 

Finally, the influences that are somehow in the middle and are neutral, so to speak, whereby the positive and negative impacts can balance each other out. But experience also teaches that through activity, we can actively influence this third category towards the positive.

Let's see how Venus affects Gemini.

- At the moment, Gemini people profit from Venus, Aquarius, Libra, and Aries, and Leo.

- Perhaps Pisces and Virgo could be critically affected because of the square position.

- Taurus and Cancer, as well as Capricorn and Scorpio, take the middle ground.

Sagittarius is somehow an exception since one could also count this Zodiac sign to the positive category. That is because Sagittarius people could go completely crazy with happiness, as they now allow themselves to enjoy all the real pleasures. But this can also lead to physical, mental, and material exhaustion. But the spiritual insight to let such excesses remain in the future would again have a positive effect.

So now, we discuss the present "normal" influences of Venus.

The corrections by Venus

Venus' regression has an additional meaning yet, and it refers to the past of the vast love realm on which we all depend. And logically, the three categories we just discussed also relate to past love, but also to our past experiences in earlier times.

And those who celebrate marriage in a time of regression do not need to worry if they do it out of love. For it could be, for instance, that those two individuals in a past life have not fulfilled their union because of specific circumstances - and this fact is now finally fixed!

Venus can give a second chance | Photo: Rob And Julia Campbell /

Venus can give a second chance.

Analysis of the past in the area of love

  • The first category, the favored by Venus ­- Gemini, Aquarius and Libra, Aries and Leo, can assume that the love realm now has a positive effect on them. That also applies to the karmic past. For example, it could also be that we now meet people with whom we were happy then, and with whom we still feel very comfortable today.
  • The second category refers to the Zodiac signs that could also experience unfavorable situations in love, besides the positive ones, of course, which are mostly there anyway. Such are Pisces and Virgo, and perhaps also Sagittarius. Those Zodiac signs could now realize why something went wrong in the big and vast area of love - this also applies to business relationships, for example. So, this enlightenment could happen now. So, we receive a light that leads into the dark past and therefore lets us see more clearly. 
  • The third category unites those Zodiac signs, which are somehow caught between favorable and unfavorable influences. Taurus, Cancer, Capricorn, and Scorpio are united in the same situation. Here, too, there could have been negative experiences in the area of love, which can now be clarified by clear indications as to why such experiences came to happen at that time.

So, the time has come for enlightenment and correction in the sphere of love. Particularly for those who already belong to the more sensitive and delicate people among us and who also pay close attention to the signs appearing now.

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