Monthly Horoscope Taurus June 2018

What do the stars say about love, career, and health for Taurus in June 2018?
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June – Take care of yourself

The neutral conditions resulting from the sun’s semi-sextile aspect will remain active from May 21st to June 21st, which could also be beneficial for all kinds of collaboration if you work hard enough. Just be aware that you’ll always receive somewhat more modest support from the sun when it’s in this semi-sextile position. However, the sun will form a sextile as it moves into Cancer, creating highly positive conditions for Taurean’s well-being. You’ll feel comfortable in all kinds of different situations, be in great physical condition, and generally enjoy life.

Taureans will be feeling alert

Mercury will be in a highly favorable semi-sextile position through June 13th, so this is a great time for anything having to do with communication. However, you’ll have to work hard if you want to achieve great things as you’ll only be receiving minimum support from Mercury during this time. Afterwards, however, things will get much better as Mercury forms a positive sextile and provides its support. You’ll be very mobile and flexible, your mind will be firing on all cylinders, you’ll get lots of opportunities to meet with new and old contacts, and your business endeavors will be favored. So make sure you take advantage of this favorable period, since things will feel much easier than usual during this time. After June 29th the planet will form a square, which as we know could lead to certain restrictions.

Happiness and cheer

Venus will still be in a very favorable position through the middle of the month. You’ll be cheerful and likable, and this is important if you want to make an impression on other people, for instance if you’re looking to start a relationship with someone. But a friendly attitude certainly isn’t a bad thing even for people who have been in a relationship for a while. In some cases, it can even work wonders. After June 14th Venus will be in Leo, forming a square to Taurus. Typically this would be a fairly good time for love as well, but for some of us it might lead to sexual excess. That isn’t everyone’s thing. This is a probably good time for moderation in many areas of your life.

Take care of yourself!

Mars will be forming a square to Taurus throughout the entire month, so you should make sure and take care of your health.

Monthly Horoscope Taurus June 2018 | Foto: © Alena Ozerova -
Have a break!

There will be very strong energies in play, but you could overdo it if you work as hard as you can. Be careful of acting aggressively or too brashly as this could lead to conflicts with other people or even with yourself.

Jupiter could continue to bring good opportunities in all areas of your life, so make sure you don’t miss anything! However, as it is in an oppositional position, you should consider carefully whether the opportunities presented to you are truly realistic – or even utopic, as the planets are expressly warning you against overestimating yourself.

Saturn reminds you of your duties

Saturn will continue to have a stabilizing effect on Taureans. Whoever works hard now will reap the rewards later. During this time, you might face so many obligations you really don’t know how you’ll handle them all. Unfortunately, that’s just how Saturn is. It’s all about obligations. And that’s Saturn’s good side!

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