Horoscope: Who Are the Lucky Stars in 2022?

These Zodiac Signs Will Be Followed by Luck in the New Year
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The Year of Jupiter 2022
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The winners' podiums are shared by two zodiac signs this year.

3rd place: Taurus and Aquarius

In third place are Taurus and Aquarius. Both zodiac signs receive consistent positive Jupiter energies throughout the year. As a result, Aquarius will experience their luck in the bulk of the summer, and Taurus will enjoy their time in victory during the spring and autumn months. The latter find their luck in the social arena, while Aquarius feels inspired by his fellow men and possible journeys to new, fresh, and promising accomplishments.


Jupiter Horoscope Taurus 2022

Jupiter Horoscope Aquarius 2022

2nd place: Leo and Scorpio

The good news is that other signs can look forward to Jupiter's blessings like Leo's and Scorpio's. At the same time, Scorpio experiences new developments around a new lightness and zest for life, while Leo develops spiritually and expands their horizons.

Jupiter Horoscope Leo 2022

Jupiter Horoscope Scorpio 2022

1st Place: Aries and Pisces

Aries and Pisces will experience the famed Jupiter luck, which is granted to us only once every 12 years. It is cautioned they do not take the opportunities offered to them both for granted! Their undertakings and plans are under an excellent star alignment, and both zodiac signs have the chance to grow personally and make a big step forward this year.


Jupiter Horoscope Aries

Jupiter Horoscope Pisces

Jupiter in All Our Ways 

The Astrological year always begins with the start of spring, when the Sun enters the sign of the ram – Aries. This takes place on 20 March at precisely 07:38 am. Jupiter, the largest planet of all, symbolizing luck, will be the annual ruler for 12 months. This is something we can all look forward to, as there will be many opportunities for improvement and unanticipated events, but we must know when they occur to take full advantage of them!

In Greek mythology, Jupiter is Zeus, the gods' great father. However, the most powerful body in the sky is the Sun- the planet from which all life emanates. These celestial bodies have no light of their own but are lit up and given warmth by the Sun, by sheer proximity. They are only "co-workers" of the great giver of life (the Sun) and have therefore developed essential life functions for us on Earth to benefit as humans. For example, Mercury affects our minds and how we think, whereas Venus shows us who we love and the kind of love we appreciate, while the Moon symbolizes our emotions.


Jupiter is the benevolent planet that rules over law and justice. However, he is also in charge of religion, philosophy, higher education, the media, publishing, and idealistic aspirations. The great lesson is to be in a state of wisdom; one needs to submerge themselves in all these areas.

Jupiter and Learning

Jupiter is responsible for long journeys and long-distance travel as opposed to Mercury, who rules over short travels or immediate surroundings. For that reason, Jupiter equates to higher learning, while Mercury is left to primary learning. Jupiter's journeys are mostly final journeys and, therefore, mostly connected with adventures. That (Mercury) road trip may be fun, but that trip to Italy (Jupiter) was adventurous and culturally stimulating!

However, Jupiter's journeys are not limited to physical locations but rule over spirituality. With Jupiter, the body, soul, and mind expand greatly and reach a state of genuine development. Religious curiosity is affected by Jupiter, and you will find that when this great benevolent master transits your Natal chart a higher interest in both religion and philosophy will take place.


The only thing we need to care for regarding Jupiter is that it is the biggest planet and, therefore, a grand influence. Everything expands with Jupiter and we can experience no boundaries – similar to Neptune's influence. First, however, we must remember that Jupiter ruled both Sagittarius and Pisces before Neptune was discovered in 1846.

When one travels on Earth, one develops on the physical plane and gets physical training, while the soul's development occurs through social commitment. Therefore, spiritual and mental activity is valuable to us not only as we walk the Earth, but once our hearts stop beating and we enter a new dimension, and our souls enter the spiritual world.

A Year of Jupiter 2022
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The Basic Symbols of Jupiter

Jupiter's symbol consists of two signs: the cross, symbolizing the Earth, and a crescent moon, which is open to the left, referring to the waxing Moon. The Moon represents the soul, and as the Moon increases and becomes fuller, so does spiritual sensitivity. This is all woven in the symbol of Jupiter.


The old Romans had an apt proverb for it, namely: "Per aspera ad astra," meaning, "We can rise to the stars through effort."

Does Luck Flow-Through Jupiter?

For some of us, most definitely! Jupiter provides it over and over again because it is responsible for justice. Similar to Saturn, Jupiter has been linked with Karma. As you do in the past, even lifetimes ago, so you will be rewarded in your present incarnation. There are no coincidences. It can be a win at the lottery or new employment at the job of your dreams. Of course, when this happens, one should offer a gratitude prayer or meditation and always appreciate their fortunate "luck."

Therefore, there is always the possibility of fortunate circumstances and "coincidences," but it is never promised; there is no security for this to happen. One can only be the best human being and hope for the best!


Since we have no memory of our karmic past (very few do – except for those highly developed celestials), we never quite know when, or if, Jupiter will strike his lucky hand in our life or not. That is why it is always important to be jovial in work to be in the spirit of Jupiter- being helpful and kind to others to create pleasant Karma for oneself naturally. Though it is important to note, one must never do something just to be rewarded with good Karma. It must genuinely come from the spirit and the heart. Remember, contentment becomes serenity, and patience becomes insight.

What are the lucky signs 2022?
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How Does Jupiter Affect Us for the Year 2022?

What are the assignments that Jupiter would like all of us to exercise?

When looking at how Jupiter affects us, one needs to look at a few things, namely, the sign that Jupiter is in, the angles it forms to the individual signs of the Zodiac, and the solar house of the particular signs of the Zodiac that Jupiter is in, as each house covers a different area of our life – such as the second house which covers finances, self-worth, and security. Therefore, when looking at what Jupiter requires from us and following them, the outcome will be successful indeed!


There are always several aspects that Jupiter governs over, which have to be looked at, so dive into the many meanings that can offer you insight.

At, we get right to it!

Jupiter's Stay in 2022

Jupiter finds itself in two signs in 2022, namely Pisces and Aries. The aspects and houses will change due to Jupiter's Retrograde. Therefore, Jupiter will ask different tasks of us, which is extremely important to pay attention to, as it will all be highly beneficial to our life path. Please take note:

  • 1. From 1 January 2022 – 10 May 2022, Jupiter stays in Pisces.
  • 2. From 11 May 2022 – 28 October 2022, Jupiter is in Aries. From 29 July – 28 October 2022, it is in Retrograde.
  • 3. From 29 October 2022 – 20 December 2022, Jupiter is again in Pisces. From 1 November 2022 – 30 November 2022, it is in Retrograde.
  • 4. From 21 December 2022 – 16 May 2023, Jupiter is again in Aries.



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