Mars in Gemini

Mars in Gemini: Now Is the Perfect Time for New Directions

This Is How Mars in Gemini Affects All Zodiac Signs
Mars in the air sign Gemini makes versatile
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On 20 August 2022, Mars moved into the zodiac sign Gemini. And here it lingers for an unusually long time until 25 March 2023. This is because Mars goes retrograde during the period from 31 October to 12 January 2023.

Gemini energies make you versatile and communicative


When energy planet Mars is in Gemini, it picks up the qualities of this air sign.

This means our energies are driven by curiosity, alertness and versatility . After all, the communicative Gemini is known for its versatility and for its great interest in everything new. Every day they have to experience something new, otherwise they will definitely get bored. So they are ready to take any initiative on a daily basis.

So Mars in Gemini means that we are now more than ready to put our energies into new projects. These are ideal months to perhaps sign up for a new sports course or to further our education. We are also open to new people. Maybe we would also like to get involved in a club? Here we have the chance to make interesting acquaintances and to realise new ideas in the community. For Mars is inventive and, so to speak, quick-witted. He is ready at a moment's notice to use his powers for every new idea so that it will become something.

Mars in Gemini is also versatile, agile and naturally communicative. The eloquence that is said to come from Gemini is now also incorporated in Mars. He now mainly provides the speed so that our thought connections run like lightning.


An excess of projects makes us indecisive

But we should also not start too many new things at once. For Gemini Mars could also tempt us to do so. Restlessness and indecisiveness would then be the result and the realisation of our plans would again become a distant prospect.

So at the beginning we should think about what our goals are. Where do we want to go? What do we want to achieve? Once this has become clear to us, we can let the Gemini energy run free.

These zodiac signs make great strides

Most favoured by Mars in Gemini now are Gemini itself, Libra and Sagittarius, and Leo and Aries.

Next come Cancer and Taurus, as well as Scorpioand Capricorn. They too now have a great deal of energy and strength at their disposal, which should be used in the right measure. The successes for an exemplary effort will not be lacking.

These zodiac signs have to struggle with Mars energy

  Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces have tense angles at the moment, which is why you should actually take it easy on your strength now, otherwise your health could be attacked. Now you should think about a healthier life and put it into action, which you can achieve with enough sleep, a healthier diet, less hectic activity and moderate exercise or long walks.


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