Ascendant Aquarius | Photo ©captblack76 -

Ascendant Aquarius

Ascendant Aquarius attaches identity and self-development
Ascendant Aquarius | Photo ©captblack76 -

Ascendant Aquarius

Ascendant Aquarius attaches identity and self-development

Strengthen of Rising Sign Aquarius

Firm, vigorous, energetic, frank, independent, unconventional, progressive, enthusiastic, creative, philanthropic, idealistic, innovative, individual, witty, intellectual, stimulating.

Weaknesses of Rising Sign Aquarius

Unstable, objectless, neurotic, confused, extravagant, dissolute, hedonistic, excessive, complicated, immoral, obstinate, revolting, reserved, noncommittal.

Ascendant Aquarius

Idealist Aquarius is characterized by a bright mind and creative spirit. They develop many ideas to create and improve their environment. They actively accompany what occurs and hope to counteract stagnation – but most of the time their plans could fail because they dislike assuming responsibility.

Ascendant Aquarius attaches identity and self-development. They dislike being just one among many others and do not believe in a rigid system and structure. Certainly, they have the attitude that particular rules have to be renewed regularly. Rank systems are not taken as their priority. They dislike subordinate themselves and would not expect it from others. Caused by their way of perception and intuition they build their self-concepts. They look from a distant point of view sometimes and form new concepts of independence and change.

They associate with others in a friendly way - they appear friendly and open-minded – in some cases they prefer being non-committal. Aquarius is in fear to lose his independence and individuality. They easily feel restricted and boxed in. By the way, when they feel like that they would withdraw from one another.

Within their relationship, it is rather hard for them to engage a long-term commitment. But if enough personal space is given to them, they will develop as faithful and likable partners. Ascendant in Aquarius was given Descendant of Leo. So Aquarius persons learn to direct their attention to permanence and responsibility – guided by their very own interest in creativity.

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